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Gap Insurance Quotes by Manufacturer.


We at Total Loss offer guaranteed asset protection (Gap Insurance) for a diverse range of manufacturers, for both new and used cars, as well as LCVs, ensuring you're protected regardless of your vehicle's brand.


We need to let you know that we are not affiliated with any manufacturer and are proud to be completely independent. 


The images below are for illustration purposes and to help you select your manufacturer.  


Whether you're driving a Ford, a Mini, or even an Aston Martin, our policies are designed to meet your needs. We also aim to offer you the most inclusive and competitive Gap insurance quote online.


Click on the image below to learn more, or call to speak to a team member about your options. To make sure that you are offered the most appropriate levels of Gap cover and the best price we can, the advisor will need to know a little bit about your vehicle, but they will keep it as brief as possible.


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We offer a range of options, subject to eligibility, to ensure your vehicle's protection, no matter its make or model.


At present, we offer three different types of Gap Insurance cover.


To qualify for a Total Loss Contract hire Gap insurance ( Lease Hire Gap insurance ), you must:

  • Have bought or sourced your vehicle within the last 180 days.
  • The contract hire agreement must be in your name.
  • If the contract hire agreement is in a company name, you must be a director of the company.

In brief, Contract Hire Gap Insurance pays the difference between your motor insurance company's market value settlement on the day your lease car was written off and the outstanding balance on your agreement with your finance company.*

To qualify for a Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance policy ( RTI Gap insurance ), you must:

  • Have bought your car or LCV from a Vat registered garage or main dealership.
  • Your vehicle must be less than eight years old on the day you buy your gap insurance policy.
  • Your vehicle must have less than 80,000 miles when you buy your gap insurance policy.
  • If your vehicle is registered under the name of a company, you must be the company's owner or director.

In summary, combined return to invoice means between your car insurance company settlement and your gap insurance claim, you now have the full purchase price back to spend as you see fit. If you have paid using a form of finance attached to the sale of your vehicle, a simple way of thinking of this level of gap coverage is that as long as you are up to date with your payments with interest, every penny that you owe more than the purchase price you can walk away from. Every penny that you owe less than the invoice price is yours.*

To qualify for a Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance policy( VRI Gap Insurance ) 

  • Your vehicle must be brand new or less than four years old on the day of policy inception.
  • Your vehicle must have at most 40,000 miles on the clock.

VRI Gap insurance is the ultimate level of Gap insurance, and if you qualify, it is often described as a belt-and-braces level of cover in that it simply gives you the best financial outcome. This level of gap protection pays the gap between your motor insurance policy market value payout and the greater of either the amount outstanding on your finance, the original invoice price you paid or the replacement cost of another vehicle.


* Late payment charges and arrears are deducted from any settlement.

We can not cover the negative equity that you have carried over from an old agreement to finance your new car.

To benefit from the finance element of our policies, a car loan must be attached to the sale of your car.

You must also have fully comprehensive car insurance ( or Van insurance ) for the duration of your Gap Cover.


Gap Insurance claims


No matter what happens to your vehicle, the main requirement for making a Gap insurance claim is that your car insurance company believe you have a valid claim.

Conversely, if something happens to your vehicle and your motor insurance company decides that you do not have a valid claim and are not prepared to settle, we will follow suit.


Which Gap Insurance provider is best for you?


Of course, we believe that our gap insurance policies offer not only the best value for money but are also transparent and feature-packed. (We also have a 99% claims payout rate.) However, if you're looking for gap insurance, it's essential to research and compare different providers to find the gap insurance that suits your needs and requirements.


What additional benefits do Total Loss Gap Insurance policies have?

  1. Cover for all named drivers over 18 with a full UK licence.
  2. There are no mileage restrictions once your policy is in place.
  3. Transfer to your next eligible vehicle is free of charge.*
  4. Cover for vehicles worth up to £100,000.
  5. Cover for vehicles up to 8 years of age at policy inception.
  6. Up to 90 days of European travel.
  7. Policies are backed by the (FSCS) Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
  8. Settlement is made in a cash / Bacs format.
  9. Up to 5 years of gap insurance available.
  10. Up to £250 will be paid towards your motor insurance company excess in case of a claim.
  11. How your claim is calculated, handled and settled is trading standards approved.



What your Total Loss Gap insurance will not cover:

  1. If you are using your vehicle for any form of hire and reward.
  2. If you are using your vehicle for any form of tuition purposes.
  3. For any form of racing, rally or competition.
  4. If your vehicle requires a MOT but you do not have a valid certificate.
  5. If your vehicle has not been fully insured for the duration of your gap insurance.

Please see your policy documents for a complete list of what your policy will and will not cover.


Is Gap Insurance worth it?


As you would expect, after providing gap insurance covers for over a decade and a half, yes, 100%, we believe that gap insurance is worth it. However, we understand that we will have a tainted perspective as we see day in and day out the benefits that having the right level of gap insurance can provide.


Please remember that, at present, there is no legal reason to buy a level of cover. So it is your choice. If the thought of covering the cost of purchasing another new car or clearing the balance on your finance agreement does not concern you, then perhaps Gap insurance is not for you.


If you prefer to pay a nominal amount to ensure that if the worst ever happens and your vehicle is written off, you are not left having to deal with the financial consequences yourself, then yes, for your peace of mind, it is worth protecting your vehicle with a form of cover.


Total Loss Gap can also offer additional cover options to protect your vehicle's tyres, alloy wheels and bodywork, such as:

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