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Making an Alloy Wheel Insurance Claim | 


What is the process when claiming on your Alloy Wheel Insurance policy?


Each different policy and provider will have their own claims process. At, we have worked extremely hard alongside the underwriter and the claims team to develop a smooth, hassle-free claims process.

Whilst policy features and the price you pay for your policy are important, what happens when you make a claim is when you see the value in any form of insurance.

Below is a step-by-step guide to claiming your Alloy Wheel Insurance policy.

Scuffing or kerbing an alloy wheel is something that is somewhat expected as part of normal use of a vehicle, even the most careful of drivers can connect with the kerb when pulling up to their home address. However, the damage incurred can be very unsightly and can cost a fair amount to repair, not with an Alloy Wheel Insurance policy from


If you have damaged your alloy wheel, simply contact the dedicated claims team, describe the level of damage and confirm a few details, such as your personal and vehicle details. The claims team will then authorise the claim, providing it fits the criteria and falls under accidental or malicious damage. The claims team may request a digital photo of the damage to help speed the claims procedure along and understand the damage and, therefore, the repair process needed.

We must highlight that you must call the claims team to notify them of the damage within 30 days of noticing the damage.

Depending on the level of damage, the claims team will then advise accordingly.

  1. If the level of damage is repairable remotely, the claims team will pass your details on to the local authorised repair network, which will then contact you separately to arrange for the repair to take place at a time and location convenient for you.
  2. If the damage requires more in-depth repair, then with the claims team's authorisation, you can nominate your own local repairer. Drive, have the repair done, pay for the invoice and then send it in to the claims team for re-inbursement.  ( point 2 - This only applies to policies purchased after March 2023 ) 


This specialist policy is designed to cover diamond cut, laser cut and painted wheels. Please note at present, we can not cover powder-coated wheels.


Whilst in most cases, the remote repair at your home address or place of work should be applicable, in some cases, we may need to look at the alternative repair methods available. Should the wheel not be repairable at any stage, we will contribute as much as £150 towards the cost of a replacement wheel.


Our policies changed in March 2023, and there are slight differences. For example, if you have purchased your policy after March 2023, there is no excess to pay when you make a claim. Please see the policy documents below showing your full terms and conditions. 

Pdf IconAlloy Wheel IPID After March 2023                  Pdf IconAlloy Wheel T&C After March 2023      

Pdf IconAlloy Wheel IPID Before March 2023               Pdf IconAlloy Wheel T&C Before March 2023    


The ability to make up to four claims per year and the fact that we can cover diamond & laser cut wheels should make a Alloy Wheel Insurance policy a comprehensive option. Because of the increased number of different types of Alloy wheels entering the market, if you are unsure of the type you have and whether or not they'd be covered, you do have the ability to contact a member of the customer service team to check. If we aren't sure, we can send images to the claims team for final approval.