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Run Flat Tyre Insurance

What is Run Flat Tyre Insurance? | Is it really worth it & How does it work?

Run Flat Tyre Insurance, like standard Tyre Insurance is designed to cover the financial implications of a puncture. Whether that be the cost of having the puncture repaired or the cost to replace the tyre. However, with Run Flat tyres, it is more likely for the tyre to need replacing rather than it being repaired, which makes it more cost effective to insure.

The technology within a Run Flat tyre usually ensures that it can't be repaired following a puncture, whereas a standard tyre is more likely to be repairable. Therefore, more and more drivers will look to insure against the cost of this happening. More manufacturers are fitting their vehicles with Run Flat tyres as standard as they see it as a major advantage when buying their vehicles. The idea and ability of Run Flat tyres is great, the tyre will stay inflated despite incurring a puncture for upto 100 miles at a limited speed.

This should give you enough time to drive to a local garage to have the tyre repaired or replaced, which is ideal should you be stuck in the middle of nowhere or if it happens late at night. However, the chances are then increased in you having to replace the tyre, rather than repair it and therefore the cost increases from a standard puncture repair of say £10/£20 to replacing it at the cost of say £150 upwards. 

Run Flat Tyre Insurance is therefore designed to cover the cost of this happening, rather than you having to pay for the puncture repair or the cost to replace it, this form of insurance will do that for you. At Total Loss Gap, we will contribute as much as £350 towards the cost of replacing the tyre with another equivalent specification of tyre and cover upto £50 for any puncture repairs. We will also arrange to have the tyre repaired or replaced on your behalf. Therefore, you're not left shopping round for the best deal or carrying out hours of research to find a trusted garage local to you, that charge a reasonable price. 

Is Run Flat Tyre Insurance worth it?

You really have to weigh up whether or not it would be cost effective for you. For some people the chances of incurring puncture damage is increased and for others, it may only ever happen, once in a blue moon. If you are someone who has had a number of punctures over the last few years, then yes it's more than likely to be a cost effective option for you. 

That said, even if you haven't had any punctures recently, the cost of replacing a couple of Run Flat tyres maybe enough to encourage you to protect yourself should this happen. Some Run Flat tyres can cost close to £300 per tyre and making one claim can ensure that you get your money back from the premium. It is always best to carry out some research and find out how much it would be to replace your tyre, should you have a puncture. Whilst it may be possible for you to repair a Run Flat tyre, the chances are that the tyre will mostly have to be replaced. 

Therefore, if you make two claims over a three year term, you're more than likely to get the value for money you need with this form of insurance. However, whether it's worth it or not, is only up to you to decide. 

How does Run Flat Tyre Insurance work? | Total Loss Gap

If you do incur a puncture, whether that be accidental or maliciously caused, you simply contact the claims team on the dedicated contact number to begin claims proceedings. Providing you're within claims team hours (i.e 9am - 5pm Monday - Friday) they will direct you to your local garage on account for the tyre to be assessed. They will assess the tyre to see whether it can be repaired and if so, carry out the repair. If the tyre can't be repaired, we will then replace the tyre with another equivalent specification of tyre, upto the maximum value of £350. 

If you are outside of claims team hours, you do have the option of going down the reimbursement route. Providing you use a VAT Registered Garage that provide you with a VAT Registered Invoice, you have the option of paying for a replacement tyre or the repair to take place and then contacting the claims team to proceed with reimbursement. As per your policy documentation, you would always have to take photographic evidence of the damaged tyre and if the tyre does need replacing, to ask the garage to keep hold of the tyre for any future inspection requirements. 

At Total Loss Gap, you have the ability to make as many as 4 claims per year on the Run Flat Tyre Insurance with just a £10 excess per claim. If you are considering a form of Alloy Wheel Insurance as well as the Tyre Insurance, it can be more cost effectibe to consider the Combined Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance policy. 

Run Flat Tyre Insurance