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What is a Motor Insurance Excess Policy and why should you consider protection?


Motor Insurance Excess Insurance can be used to claim back the excess charged by your motor insurer following a claim on your comprehensive motor insurance cover. 


Motor Insurance excess policies are nothing new in fact they have been around for many years protecting hundreds and thousands of customer each and every year. So what can a motor insurance excess policy do for you and how does it work?


If your vehicle is damaged you would naturally make a claim on your motor insurance policy. They would repair the vehicle and then ask you to pay your motor insurance excess. This is the first part of any claim that you are responsible for paying.


Normally when you buy your motor insurance you will be asked to pick a voluntary excess and sometimes the insurance company may impose a compulsory excess. This means that even if your vehicle is damaged through no fault of your own you may be left paying a considerable amount of money in order to have your vehicle repaired.


So why does your motor insurance company encourage you to, in some cases, increase your excess by reducing your motor insurance quote when you do? 


The simple answer is because it means that you are paying a big chunk of money each and every time you have to make a claim. Did you know that some young drivers insurance can decrease many hundreds of pounds simply by increasing your excess. Sounds good well yes until that is you need to make a claim and then potentially you are left having to find in some cases thousands of pounds.


Excess Insurance would mean that you would pay your excess and then simply claim it back from your policy. It genuinely is as simple as that. 


Maximum Excess Limits currently offered by Total Loss Gap    how much is your motor insurance excess?

This can be a combination of compulsory and voluntary excess.


  • £250
  • £500
  • £750
  • £1000
  • £1500



Typical process in making a claim on Motor Excess Insurance protection



  1. You will have to make a claim on your Motor Insurance policy.
  2. Your motor insurer will assess the damage and if it exceeds your excess on the motor insurance policy they will process the claim.
  3. You pay your motor insurer the excess on the motor insurers policy.
  4. You claim the excess cost back, to the maximum of your Motor Excess claim limit, from your Motor Excess Insurance policy.



Typical Exclusions for Motor Excess Insurance


Like all insurance policies, the Motor Excess cover from Total Loss Gap will have some typical exclusions. These may include:     


  • If your motor insurance company do not ask you to pay your excess then we would not be able to settle your claim. This may be when the cost of your claim does not exceed your excess amount. 
  • We also need to make you aware that this policy does not cover Car Hire vehicles or pool cars.
  • Vehicle use such as hire and reward, taxi, courier, emergency vehicles or driving school.
  • We do not cover excess charges for Glass claims, or other supplementary insurance claims.
  • If you are buying a new excess insurance policy, in order to combat fraudulent claims there is a 14 day exclusion period at the start of your policy during which time your policy will not cover any claim. If you are renewing your policy with us then no 'waiting period' is applied to your second, or subsequant policies for the same vehicle.  


Motor Excess Insurance Frequently Asked Questions


Can I claim on my motor excess cover if I have not been charged an excess by the motor insurer?


No. To make a valid claim on your motor excess policy you must have been charged, and then paid, your excess on your motor insurance policy. So, for example, if you have a £1000 excess on your motor insurance and you have a claim that costs £750 in a repair, then your motor insurer will not process that claim. You will have to pay the £750 repair cost yourself and as you have not been charged an excess by your motor insurer then you cannot claim on your excess protection cover.


What is a policy excess on your motor insurance?


This is the amount you must pay towards a claim before your motor insurer will process your claim. For example, let's say you damage your car, the costs of the repair is £1000 and you have a £250 excess. This means you have to pay the first £250 of the bill with the motor insurer paying the remaining £750.


What is a compulsory excess with your motor insurance?


The compulsory excess is the fixed amount your motor insurer say you will have to pay towards any claim before your motor insurer will contribute.


For example, if your compulsory motor insurance excess is £300 and you make a claim on your policy for £500, you would have to pay the first £300 before your insurer will pay the rest.


What is a voluntary excess with your motor insurance?    protect your motor insurance excess costs


This is the amount you opt to pay in the event of a claim on your motor insurance policy. This is in addition to any compulsory excess set by the motor insurer.


For example, if your compulsory motor insurance excess is £300 and a voluntary motor excess of £150 and you make a claim on your policy for £500, you would have to pay the first £450 (£300 compulsory plus £150 voluntary) before your insurer will consider any payment.


Does Motor Excess Cover from Total Loss Gap allow claims for both voluntary and compulsory excess claims?


Yes, whatever your combined voluntary and compulsory excess amounts are, providing the claim limit is sufficient on your excess policy, then your total excess charge can be covered.


Is motor insurance excess protection worth it?


This is the inevitable question for all insurance cover, is it not? When considering the value to you of a Motor Insurance Excess Insurance policy you have to think about what it is covering. You are looking to cover the cost of your excess contribution in the event of a claim on your vehicles insurance policy.


If you have the choice to take out this excess cover, and it fits in your budget, then consider whether or not you can afford to pay the excess on any claim that is made against your motor policy. If the answer is 'yes' then your risk of not buying the policy, from a financial perspective, is lower.


If the answer is 'no', and you would have problems paying even £50 towards a claim on your policy, then it could be worth taking out this cover. Of course, the more excess you are required to pay the more the motor excess insurance policy will cost.


The other consideration is how confident you are that the policyholders who would make a claim against your motor policy won't be 'risky' drivers. If so, then the possibility of making a claim may be higher than normal, and therefore it may be worth considering Motor Insurance Excess Insurance cover.


Does Motor Insurance Excess cover from Total Loss Gap cover named drivers?


Yes, as long as your named drivers are eligible then the policy can protect all named drivers on your motor insurance policy. Please check the full policy wording to check you are covered.


How many claims can I make per year on my excess policy?


There is not necessarily a maximum number of claims per year. You effectively buy a credit that you can claim against, and when you have reached that credit limit that the policy will cover then that is the end of the policy.


For example, if you buy a £500 annual excess insurance policy then your could claim one one occasion for a £500 excess claim or you could claim for twice when £250 excess claims have been made.


What do I do when I make a claim and my excess 'credit' has been used?


Let's say you buy a motor excess policy with a start date of January for a 12 month period of cover. You choose a £500 amount of excess as a level of cover. Then you have a claim on your motor insurance in April of the same year. Your motor insurer charges your £500 excess and you then claim this back from your motor excess cover.


In this situation, even though you are only a few months in to your 12 month motor excess cover, you have fully used your £500 credit available. Subject to you qualifying for a new policy, the solution is to simply buy a new £500 excess insurance policy from Total Loss Gap. This will cover you for a fresh 12 months from the start date of the new policy and provide a new £500 credit for motor excess claims.


What type of claims on my motor insurance are covered by motor excess protection?


With the motor excess cover provided by Total Loss Gap you can claim for an excess your have been charged on your main motor insurance cover. Examples would be potential claims for:

  • damage to your car
  • theft of your car
  • fault accidents


If you have additional cover like windscreen cover, that has separate excesses from your main motor insurance then claims for these are not covered.


Also it is only the car detailed on your motor excess insurance policy documents that you are covered for claims for. So, for example, you could not drive someone else's vehicle that you may be a named driver for and claim on your motor insurance excess cover for your vehicle. Similarly you cannot cover vehicles temporarily under your charge, like a hire car or a courtesy vehicle from a garage.


Who is Total Loss Gap?


Total Loss Gap is a trading name of Aequitas Automotive Ltd (company registration number 7347606). Our registered office is Aequitas House, 56 Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Merseyside, CH41 5AS.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, FRN 821163.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd is a financial services provider to residents of the UK.


How am I protected?


Your motor insurance policy is underwritten by Acasta European Insurance Company Ltd.

For extra peace of mind your policy is also subject to protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for qualifying policyholders.


Why not click for a quote or call 0151 647 7556 and see just how affordable motor excess insurance can be?