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Making a Tyre Insurance Claim |

What is the process when making a Tyre Insurance claim?


Claiming a Tyre Insurance policy couldn't be easier. 


Below, we will detail what's involved when making a claim and precisely describe what you must do in a step-by-step example. 


We must highlight that not all Tyre Insurance policies will perform in the same way, and each different insurance policy and provider will have its own claims procedure.

With Tyre Insurance, there are two different claims procedures, one within claims team hours and one outside of claims team hours. The dedicated claims team opening hours are 9 am - 5 pm, Monday- Friday. 


If you can claim within these hours, please read the procedure below. Again, please see the procedure below if you need to claim outside of the claims team's opening hours. We have two separate processes because your safety and the integrity of your tyre can never be compromised. 


Making a Tyre Insurance claim within opening hours (Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm)

If you suffer a puncture, contact the claims team. 

  1. They will then ask you for a few details to locate your policy and ensure it's an eligible claim. 
  2. They will ask you for your vehicle registration number and the approximate current mileage on the vehicle.
  3. They will then ask for further details on the damage and how it may have occurred, depending on the damage.
  4. They may also ask for photographs of the damage to a verbal report from the tyre specialist. 
  5. If the damage has been caused maliciously, you must have a crime reference number provided by the Police when you report the issue. 


If your tyre insurance was purchased before March 2023, please remember there is a £10 excess to pay when you make a claim. There is also a national retailer, Halfords Autocentre.


If your tyre insurance policy was purchased after March 2023, you might need to pay for the tyre and then send your invoice to the claims team for reimbursement.


Making an emergency Tyre Insurance claim outside of opening hours.

Of course, we understand that you may have an issue with your tyre that falls outside our claims team's work hours. 


We do not expect you to be immobile until the claims team reopens, so we have a procedure we would ask you to follow.


If the claims team are unavailable, we are happy for you to arrange the repair or replacement of the tyre. This will mean that you would have to pay the tyre specialist directly and then place the claim for reimbursement when the claims team are back open.


Who should you use for a tyre repair or replacement?


(This paragraph only applies if the policy was purchased before March 2023.) The first place you should always try is a Halfords Autocentre. You can find the closest one to you via this link:

The claims team have a close relationship with the Halfords chain, so any subsequent claim for reimbursement by yourself should not have any undue delays. 


( This section applies to all Tyre insurance policies) You can go to any VAT-registered tyre retailer, pay for the repair or replacement yourself and then contact our claims team to begin the claim for reimbursement when they are next open.


Under all circumstances, you must take photographs of the damaged tyre before having the puncture repaired, and if the tyre needs replacing, you ask the garage to keep hold of the tyre for inspection purposes. The claims administrator reserves the right to inspect the tyre and the vehicle under these circumstances. 


Of course, when claiming outside of the claims team hours, you would have to pay for the repair or replacement tyre and follow the procedure above and then we can go down the reimbursement route. 


If you claim within the claims team opening hours, you must always follow the procedure above. If you are unsure about any of the above, feel free to contact a member of our award-winning customer service team at 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556, and any team member would be more than happy to assist. 


Our opening times differ slightly from the claims team; we are open Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm. 


Our policies changed slightly in March 2023, so there may be slight variations. For example, policies purchased after March 2023 have no excess to pay when you make a claim. Please find below the policy documents, which will show your full tyre insurance terms and conditions.


Pdf IconTyre Insurance IPID After March 2023                  Pdf IconTyre Insurance T&C After March 2023

Pdf IconTotal Loss Tyre IPID Before March 2023              Pdf IconTyre Insurance T&C Before March 2023

Whilst we don't have the authority to authorise a claim, we can advise, where possible, the correct procedure for you to follow to ensure that your tyre insurance claim is handled quickly and efficiently and you are back on the road as soon as possible.