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GAP Insurance Price Guarantee | Total Loss Gap


Do we promise to be the best price you'll find for Gap Insurance?


When you carry out a little bit of research into Gap Insurance, you will see a host of different suppliers for you to choose from. All of whom may claim to be the best priced you will find; however, at Total Loss Gap, we guarantee that you won't find a better price for the same level of coverage. 


We all love a discount code, cash back, or freebie, which, to be completely honest, can be nice. However, we know that this can discourage and discriminate against members of the public who are not internet savvy or confident enough to call and haggle. Instead, we offer the best price the first time and every time. 


While we understand that price is an important factor when purchasing any product, when buying a form of insurance, it's the policy features and how it performs should you need to make a claim that matters.


When purchasing a Combined Invoice and Vehicle Replacement Gap with a Total Loss Gap, you benefit from several features as standard. The ability to transfer your policy completely free of charge to your next eligible vehicle, the fact that the policy is a combination of the two highest forms of Gap and the added protection of having no upper claim limit are all things that ensure that Total Loss Gap is the comprehensive choice for you. 


In the very unlikely event that you find a lower price, we will always beat it, providing the policy in question is of the same equivalent level of cover.


As highlighted above, price is important, however, the ability of the policy and what happens should you need to make a claim, are the most important factors. Therefore, if a policy is less expensive in comparison, always double-check exactly what features you have and what happens if you do make a claim. Alternatively, you can contact a member of our award-winning customer service team who would be happy to beat the price or compare the features and quotes you already have.


That said, we don't expect you to find a better price for the same level of cover. As you will see within the recent Which? Report into Gap Insurance: for the Combined Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance, Total Loss Gap is the most cost-effective option. Even if you are comparing a Combined Gap policy with the standard Return to Invoice Gap Insurance, always call us to see what we can do for you. The reason is that we act similarly to a broker, and if you are looking for the standard Return to Invoice type, we may be able to offer you that product at a much more competitive price through another one of our brands. 


Because we act similarly to a broker, we provide such a volume of products across all four of our brands, which in turn gives us more room to negotiate on price, and therefore, we can offer our products at a much better price for you. We have four different brands to offer the best solution for your particular circumstance at the most cost-efficient price. Whether the vehicle is used for Taxi usage or whether the vehicle is a five-year-old motorbike, whilst we may not be able to offer a policy through Total Loss Gap, three of our other brands will offer you a form of protection.


If you would like to save yourself both time and money, why not contact a member of the customer service team on the above telephone numbers and run through a quotation on the central system. The member of the team you speak to will always run through a quotation on the central system and give you the most suitable policy for you at the best price we can.