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How do you find the Best Price for Gap Insurance Online?


Surprisingly, the best price may not be the lowest premium. 


Ok, you are looking online for gap insurance because you are just about to buy a new car, and your dealership has just told you about Gap Insurance.


The idea is good; after all, who would want to avoid protecting the massive investment needed to buy a car? However, the prices offered by some dealerships can be so high that their policies are sometimes unaffordable when combined with the standard associated costs of replacing your car.


So, like millions of UK consumers, when looking for a good deal, you start searching on the internet.


Within moments, you are shown lots of different companies proclaiming to be the best price you can find. 


How can you know if you are getting the best price for your gap insurance policy?


How can you be confident that you are getting the best level of gap insurance for your car and the best deal? It can be tempting to think that large comparison websites can be the answer.


Comparison websites are quick and easy, and you can compare prices from a number of different providers in one place. But before you rush in, you need to see what is and is not covered and whether there are hidden costs.


For example, did you know .....

  1. Some providers charge more if you add a named driver.
  2. Some charge more if you want a hard copy set of documents.
  3. Some online Gap insurance providers charge more if you have to change your address.
  4. Some providers charge more if you change your car.

The list goes on, but we hope that you get the idea.


Equally, what type of cover are you comparing?


Even if a policy sounds the same, the level of cover, so ultimately, what you get paid in the event of a write-off can be completely different. Each provider will have negotiated terms and conditions; slight differences can mean thousands of pounds in terms of how much you are paid when you make a claim. In extreme cases, if your claim is even paid at all. 


Things to check for are.

  1. Is there a claim limit? - ( this is the maximum amount that you will be paid on top of your motor insurance company settlement)
  2. Do you get a contribution towards your insurance company's excess?
  3. Who are the company that you are buying your policy from? Do they have a track record? In other words, will they be there to answer your call when you need them, and do they have the expertise to help?
  4. Does the Financial Services Compensation Scheme ( FSCS ) back the policy?
  5. What are you covered for? You have to make sure that you read the documents before you buy the policy. Don't simply think that the policy will cover you in a certain way - check that it will.
  6. Checking what the policy won't cover you for is equally important.


We recommend that you only start looking at prices once you have done the checks. 


Please remember that comparison websites make many millions of pounds per year. They do this by charging a fee when a policy is sold. We are not suggesting that they do not offer good value for money; however, there are alternatives. 


  • So shop around. 
  • Check what you are covered and are not covered for.
  • Check the provider
  • Check for hidden costs.
  • Compare the Gap Insurance prices. 

Once you have done these steps, you will be in a much stronger position to find the most suitable levels of coverage and the best price gap insurance.