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Complete Wheel Insurance - Combined Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

The Total Loss brand has recently added a number of complementary products to our evolutionary Gap Insurance product. These include an Alloy Wheel policy that includes cover for diamond and laser-cut finishes, often excluded elsewhere, as well as Tyre Insurance and Scratch and Dent Insurance that provide better features and more claims than you find with many other products.

We are confident that the policies offer tremendous value for money for those looking to cover, but we are always looking to provide more! tyre and alloy wheel insurance quotation

We can now offer a Combined Tyre and Alloy 'Complete Wheel' product, and it comes crammed with features you will often find absent elsewhere. We think that when compared to the competition in the market our Complete Wheel protection provides the ultimate cover. Let us explain why.


The advantage of Total Loss Complete Wheel protection

  • The policy allows for 4 claims per annum for each element of cover, so that is 4 claims for Alloy repair AND 4 claims for Tyre replacement or repair. Many other Alloy products are limited to just 3 claims per year. Many tyre products are limited to just 5 claims for the full policy term. With our Complete Wheel product you can make up to 12 claims for Alloys AND 12 claims for tyres on a 3 year policy.
  • Only a £10 excess per claim, as opposed to the £15-£50 often seen with other similar products in the market.
  • Up to £350 per tyre replacement, where other products often are limited to between £125 and £300 maximum cost per replacement tyre.

  • Three options for alloy claims; a mobile repair by a qualified technician, a factory refurbishment or, if a repair is not economically viable then there is a £150 contribution to the cost of a replacement alloy.
  • Up to £150 towards the replacement cost of an alloy, if the original cannot be repaired. Many others in the market either make no contribution or could be capped at £100.
  • We cover 'run flat' tyres as well as standard tyre types.

Please Note - Certain types of specialist alloy wheels are beyond the scope of cosmetic repair techniques and therefore cannot be covered by this insurance. This includes but is not limited to: Chrome finish wheels, multi piece wheels (“split rims”). Powder coated, Magnesium, Flange-cut, Hydro-dipped and anodised wheels, Pinstripe and powder coated finishes.

With 3 year cover starting from just £299, and remember you get a maximum of 12 claims for tyres and 12 claims for alloys include in that, we think you will find that combination of premium price and policy features impossible to beat. We know damage to a tyre or an alloy can be annoying, and the cost of repair or replacement can be costly and inconvenient. If you want to protect against the bills then take a look at our policy today.

Remember if your dealer says they will match or beat our price, ask them to beat the features too!!

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