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What is a Gap Insurance Claim Limit and how could It affect any claim you make?


The claim limit is the maximum that your Gap Insurance policy will ever pay.

This is the most your gap insurance will pay to top up your own motor insurance settlement.



Every insurance policy will have a maximum amount, however. House insurance, life insurance, and GAP insurance are included. This is so that everyone, the policyholder and the insurance policy underwriter, knows exactly what is the maximum amount and can, therefore, set rates and prices accordingly.


Some GAP insurance suppliers, even some of our sister brands will encourage policyholders to pick a claim limit. The tricky and difficult aspect is that no one will ever know for sure exactly how much you will need as no one can know with absolute authority exactly how much your vehicle will be worth at a set time in the future.


Motor and insurance experts study markets and predict what vehicles will be worth, using a complex formula which includes anticipated market forces as well as historical valuations but it is not an exact science. This means that if the claim limit you choose is too high you could be charged more than you really need for your policy. By contrast, if the claim limit you choose is too low then even after your insurance company's settlement there may be a shortfall.


At Total Loss we want our policies to be some of the most innovative and forward-thinking as possible. Our aim quite simply is to ensure that customers are covered come what may and take a lot of the grey areas and guesswork away.


This means that our Total Loss Gap Insurance policies do not have a claim limit for vehicle purchases up to £75,000. For vehicles purchased between £75,000 and £100,000 then there is a maximum claim limit of £75,000. 


We hope that this answers your question but if you need any more help please just let us know.