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Scratch and Dent Insurance |

Scratch & Dent Insurance | SMART Insurance | Cosmetic Repair Insurance

We all know how annoying getting a scratch or dent is on your car. When you come out of the supermarket carpark and you see a trolley ding on the side of you car, or when you see a bumper scuff as someone has nudged your vehicle when driving past; these small bits of damage can be unsightly and annoying.

Did you know you can insure against the cost of getting this repaired without having to claim on your motor insurance?

     What is Scratch and Dent Insurance?


Sometimes also known as Cosmetic repair, SMART repair insurance, car scratch insurance or Minor Damage Insurance, Scratch and Dent Insurance can be used to cover the cost of minor bodywork damage you may get on your vehicle. This could be a:

  • Scuff of no more than 150mm in diameter, 3mm in depth, across no more than 2 body panels
  • Minor dent of no more than 150mm in diameter, 3mm in depth, across no more than 2 body panels
  • Chip of no more than 15mm in diameter and 3mm in depth


Why buy Scratch and Dent Insurance?  Scratch and Dent Insurance for cars

The cost of repairing the types of damage listed above can be expensive over time. You may be able to claim for them on your standard motor insurance, however, this may see you lose your no claims bonus as a result. A cost effective alternative is to look at Scratch and Dent Insurance separately and to claim as and when these types of incidents occur.

This means you can maintain the condition of your vehicle bodywork without the impact of untimely bills or having to claim on your motor insurance.

How are repairs done with Scratch and Dent Insurance?

When you make a claim, our team will arrange for a mobile technician to come to your home, or place of work, and repair the damaged area in situ. Depending on the type of damage this repair will take no more than a couple of hours, and the guaranteed repair will leave the bodywork as good as new.

How many claims can you make on Scratch and Dent Insurance?

With the cosmetic repair insurance provided by Totallossgap, your claims are to a maximum of:

  • 3 or 6 claims for a 1-year policy
  • 6 or 12 claims for a 2-year policy
  • 9 or 18 claims for a 3-year policy
  • 12 or 24 claims for a 4-year policy

No more than 6 claims per 12-month period.

Please note there is a £10 excess/call-out charge per claim on all policies incepted before April 2023. No excess is charged on policies bought from that date.

A 30-day claims waiting period will be enforced from the start date of cover. The only exception is when you buy a new car, and the policy is purchased prior to collection.


Am I eligible for Scratch and Dent Insurance?

We are able to provide a quotation for you as long as your vehicle:

  • is not used as a business vehicle, eg taxi, courier, driving school, sales rep solely for business use
  • your vehicle is a car
  • your vehicle is less than 3 years old AND has less than 50,000 miles on the clock when you purchase the policy
  • you have not owned your vehicle for more than 30 days
  • you have purchased your vehicle from a VAT registered or Main Dealership.


What type of damage cannot be covered by Scratch and Dent Insurance?

Examples of types of damage that cannot be covered would be:

  • where the damage is larger than the definitions described above                                           
  • where the damage cannot be repaired without going to a bodyshop
  • where the damage occurs on large, flat panels on the vehicle, eg roof, bonnet and tailgate
  • where you have exceeded the maximum claims provided for on the policy
  • where the damage occurred prior to the policy starting

These are only examples, please read the full policy terms and conditions via the buttons below.

Scratch & Dent Policy Terms & Conditions at

View Scratch & Dent Insurance Key facts at


Key Features with Scratch and Dent Insurance from Totallossgap

What sets our product apart from other minor damage insurance products in the market? Well, we have a few points you may want to check when comparing our cover to others.

  • 6 Claims per 12 month period - in many cases, this is double the maximum number of claims permitted by many other products in the market. 
  • Damage can carry over 2 panels, not 1 - many other products will only cover where the damage is contained over one panel on the vehicle. This can be a major issue with certain paint finishes, like pearlescent paint, where to ensure a matching paint finish the repair must blend the paint over to the adjacent panel. With single panel cover, this may not be possible.
  • 30 Day claims waiting period - many policies impose a 'waiting period' at the beginning of the policy, during which time you cannot make a claim. With the Scratch and Dent cover from Totallossgap there is a 30 day claims waiting period to combat fraudulent claims.

Compare Scratch & Dent Insurance

Now that you know all about a Scratch & Dent Insurance policy from, you can now see how our policy compares to others available on the market. Be sure to compare the number of claims you can make, the excess you have to pay, the size diameter and also whether or not the damage is limited to one single panel.

Being part of Aequitas Automotive Ltd, we also have access to another Scratch & Dent Insurance policy with a number of differences to the policy above. It really does depend on what you are looking for the minor damage insurance to do. Our policy will cover damage upto 300mm in diameter, however the excess is higher at £25.00 per claim. Click to find out more

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