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Are Gap Insurance reviews always an accurate reflection of a Business?


Like most of us, if you are just about to take delivery of a new or used vehicle, you may consider buying Gap insurance ( Guaranteed Asset Protection) for extra peace of mind. Additional security is knowing that should your vehicle be written off, you do not have to rely only on your motor insurance providers' market value settlement to buy another vehicle or clear any outstanding finance.


You will start to look for a good deal online and will most likely make a shortlist of potential providers.

  • Who underwrites their policies?
  • Are they well-known online gap insurance broker? 
  • What Gap Policies do they offer?
  • Are they offering you a competitive price?
  • What are their claims process's like?
  • Are there mileage restrictions?
  • Are they a large, financially stable company?


Once you have answered all the normal questions, If you have not dealt with a particular provider before, you then start to look at its reputation. What are other people saying about their experiences with them?


Many Gap insurance policies and other products you can buy online may appear similar, but they can be quite different when you delve into the details.


Genuine Gap Insurance reviews, which we value highly, serve as a guide for other consumers, helping them make informed decisions about policy performance and customer service levels.


These Gap Insurance reviews benefit consumers and enhance the credibility of the business. As a responsible Gap insurance provider, we have used your reviews and feedback over the last decade to tailor our gap insurance policy terms and, in some cases, the gap policies' functionality.


As a responsible gap insurance provider, and as part of consumer duty we value our customers and policyholders and believe they should receive correct and transparent information.


Consumers think all reviews are genuine, but unfortunately, that is not always true.


Some review systems allow reviews to be amended, deleted, hidden from public view, altered, or, in extreme cases, paid for.


As a Gap insurance provider, it's important to note that we cannot change, alter, or delete any of our reviews. This fair and transparent approach ensures that you, our customer, receive the most accurate and unfiltered information to aid your decision-making process.


When we investigated which review provider would best fit our company, we found that Feefo's values aligned with ours.


  • Only customers can write reviews and give feedback, which stops people from leaving false information and provides genuine feedback.
  • We can not manufacture Gap insurance or supplementary reviews.


Unfortunately, not all review systems stop what can be best described as misleading information.


We use the review platform Feefo to allow customers to leave honest feedback. Feefo doesn't allow reviews to be amended or deleted, giving the consumer a true reflection of a business or a product.


Contract Hire Gap insurance Quote     Return to Invoice Gap Insurance Quote      Vehicle Replacement Gap insurance Quote


If you visit our Feefo page you will see real reviews from real people who have all trusted us to protect their vehicles.

The reviews are for our gap insurance products

  • Vehicle replacement Gap insurance policies
  • Combined Return to Invoice Gaop insurance 
  • Contract Hire Gap Insurance

In addition to gap insurance protection, we offer other policies, such as tyre and alloy wheel insurance and smart care, and include feedback on what happens when policyholders make claims.


Please remember that Gap insurance is designed to make sure that you are not left having to solely rely on the current market value of your vehicle if it is written off.

When did online reviews first start?


Online reviews first gained popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the increasing use of the Internet for commerce and communication.


Websites and platforms dedicated to user-generated reviews began to emerge, allowing consumers to share their experiences with products, services, and businesses.


As e-commerce and online shopping continued to grow, how online reviews impacted consumers' choices also expanded. Today, online reviews are a crucial aspect of the consumer decision-making process for many people.


Some popular online review platforms include Yelp, TripAdvisor, Amazon Customer Reviews, Google Reviews, Trust Pilot and Facebook Reviews.


Each of these platforms specializes in different types of businesses and services, and they have become go-to destinations for individuals seeking feedback and experiences from other customers before making purchasing decisions. These platforms have significantly influenced consumer behaviour and have become an integral part of the modern consumer experience. However, the question to ask is, are they all from real customers?


Overall, most reviews have a positive impact on consumers and businesses.


Why not take a fresh look at our policies and reviews or call and speak to a team member?


No high pressure sales tactics, no gimmicks and no fuss.

These are just genuine policies from a reputable gap insurance provider with good old-fashioned customer service alongside, competitive prices, and policies that work.


Contract Hire Gap Insurance from TLG

Finance Gap Insurance from Total Loss pays the difference between your insurance company's market value settlement and the amount outstanding on your lease.

IPID Total Loss Contract Hire policies purchased from June 24Total Loss IPID From June 2024            T&Cs Total Loss Contract Hire policies purchased from June 24Total Loss Contract Hire From June 2024


Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance from TLG

Combined RTI Gap Insurance from TLG - Pays the difference between your insurance company market value settlement on the day it was declared a write-off and the higher of either 

  1. the amount outstanding on finance 
  2. the original invoice price you paid. 

Total Loss RTI IPID from June 24Total Loss IPID From June 2024             Total Loss RTI Terms from June 24Total Loss Return to Invoice From June 2024


Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance from TLG

Vehicle replacement Gap insurance from Total Loss-  pays the difference between your insurance company's market value of your new car on the day it was declared a total loss and the higher of either.

  1. The amount outstanding on finance 
  2. The original invoice price you paid. 
  3. The replacement cost of another BMW, the same as yours, was on the day you bought it; if that model is no longer available, settlement is based on the superseding model. Without a superseding model, your settlement would be based on the invoice plus 10%. 

IPID Total Loss Vehicle Replacement Policies purchased from June 24Total Loss IPID From June 2024                T&Cs Total Loss Vehicle Replacement Policies purchased from June 24Total Loss VRI GAP From June 2024