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Your opinion counts, and we value your feedback. 


At Total Loss Gap Insurance, we are part of Aequitas Automotive Limited. 


We value your feedback; your opinion genuinely counts and makes all the difference. All our reviews are from real people who have had real experiences with us. We use a system called Feefo and, before that, Ekomi. 


The sole reason we use Feefo is that for good or bad, no one, including us, can ever.

  1. Modify a review
  2. Delete a review
  3. Create or manufacture a review


We think that this means that you can get a real, genuine reflection of what our service levels are and what you can expect when you buy a policy from us.


At Total Loss Gap, we are here for the long haul and value every one of our Website visitors and policyholders. 


Our team bonuses are not related to sales or retention targets but are directly linked to customer satisfaction rates.


As you may already know, we are often described as being upfront and what some may describe as brutally honest. But we like it that way, and our policyholders seem to appreciate it, too, as you have helped us grow and expand over the last decade. 


Some may say that this way of targeting and measuring our staff's performance is a strange way to target our team. However, we feel this is the only natural way to measure a company's value and service.



We also know that there is a direct correlation between the level of service you receive when you buy a policy, ask a question, amend your details, or even make a claim and the likelihood of you buying another policy in the future.


No business, no matter how big or small, cannot ignore that looking after their existing policyholders and customers has to be their paramount concern.


It also means that when you buy a policy, ask a question or make a claim; you can have peace of mind knowing that the agent you speak to has no financial gain and instead is targeted on ensuring that the service level you receive is second to none.


For a complete list of reviews, comments, and feedback, why not visit our testimonials page and see what our customers, visitors, and policyholders are saying about us?