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0800 195 4926

Customer Service Lines Open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Complete peace of mind With Total Loss Gap Insurance


We want you to buy a total loss gap insurance policy and have complete peace of mind that we and our underwriters will be here to help and assist should you ever need to make a claim. No matter if that is in one month or five years from today.


Just like you, we believe that the only real true cast iron and the acid test of any policy is what happens when you make a claim.


In many respects, like any other insurance, our policy cannot stop something bad from happening to your vehicle; instead, you are buying peace of mind. Peace of mind, which means that should you ever need to claim that the financial aspect of having a vehicle written off is covered.

Remember - Aequitas Automotive Ltd provides Your Total Loss GAP policy.

We are directly authorised by the FCA in the UK.

The policies are protected by the FSCS in the UK.

Aequitas Automotive Ltd is a member of BIBA


Being part of Aequitas, we like everything in black and white and think there should never be any grey areas in insurance. We hope that getting to know a little about us, our ethos and our company may help.


Aequitas Automotive was formed in 2010 by a management team with a strong motor trade and insurance background and a cumulative industry experience of just under 52 years. 


They aimed to make gap insurance more accessible, more affordable, and ultimately more transparent.


Aequitas is the God of Fairtrade and Honesty, and like our namesake, this has been incorporated into all we do.


Some years on, we now have five insurance brands online and have won many accolades, which you can verify by visiting our credentials page.


We genuinely believe that this continued growth and expansion can be attributed to the fact that the most important aspect of our business is You, our policyholders, both past and present.


From the moment that you become a member of the Aequitas family, it is our job to look after you, not just when you buy a policy but when you make a claim as well. We encourage our advisors to deliver market-leading levels of customer service by directly linking any bonus they get to customer satisfaction rates.


If you buy a policy, the customer service agent you speak to will not be paid any commission and has no financial incentive.


Experience has told us that this means the customer is given better advice and instead fosters a "customer first attitude".


We have just entered a third phase of expansion with Total Loss Gap Insurance joining the Aequitas family, and the same honest, up-front, and transparent leadership style has meant that we believe that Total Loss is a market-leading force to be reckoned with.