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Total Loss Top-Up Gap Insurance



Do you need help finding GAP Insurance for your car or van? Total Loss Top-Up Gap Insurance could be the answer. 


How does Top Up Gap Insurance work?


In the event of a total loss, Top Up Gap Insurance will pay 25 % of whatever your motor insurance company agrees as a settlement to a maximum of £10,000 on top of your own motor insurance company's settlement. 

If your car was stolen and your motor insurer paid out a market value of £30,000, your Total Loss Top Up Gap Insurance can pay 25 % of their settlement (capped at £10,000). So you would receive 

  1. £30,000 from your motor insurance company 
  2. Extra £7,500 from your Top Up Gap Insurance policy.

The settlement includes a maximum of £250 towards your motor insurer's excess deduction. 

Total Loss Top Up GAP Quote  Top Up gap Insurance can cover vehicles up to 15 years old  Total Loss Can cover vehicles with up to 150,000 miles on the clock 


Is Top-up Gap as Comprehensive as Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance?


The simple answer is no.


If you qualify, Return to Invoice and Vehicle Replacement forms of gap insurance will always offer more protection.


However, return to invoice and vehicle replacement levels of cover have strict eligibility criteria. If your car is over a certain age or mileage, and you bought it over a set number of days, what then? Without Top-Up gap insurance, you would be left with whatever your motor insurance deems as the market value of your vehicle on the day it was written off.


This is precisely where top-up gap insurance can help so much so that we call it a safety net level of cover. 

  1. Top-Up Gap Insurance will not guarantee to pay you enough to be able to clear all your finances. 
  2. Top-Up Gap Insurance will not guarantee to pay enough to ensure you can buy another car; 
  3. Top-Up Gap Insurance will not guarantee to give you the original invoice price back


Instead, your Total Loss Top-Up Gap insurance will offer a financial cushion with extra funds to help soften the blow of your car or van being written off.


Features of Total Loss Top-Up Gap Insurance


  • It can be used for vehicles up to 15 years old
  • It can be used for cars and vans with up to 150,000 miles
  • It can be used for cars and vans bought privately or at auction
  • It can be used when your current Gap Insurance runs out
  • It can be used for cars and light commercial vehicles
  • The policy can be purchased at any point in your ownership


Key eligibility requirements for Total Loss Top-Up Gap Insurance cover       


  • You must own, or can own, the vehicle you are covering.
  • The car or van must not have previously been declared a total loss
  • The vehicle cannot be used for hire and reward (taxi, courier, driving tuition)
  • The vehicle must be in Glass' Guide
  • You must have comprehensive motor insurance in your name for the car or van you want to cover.
  • Your policy will not cover accidents or thefts that have already happened.
  • Your policy is also ideal when you are unsure how long you may keep your vehicle and want to take cover on a year-by-year basis. 


Please note this policy is not suitable for lease arrangements where you have no option to own the vehicle. If your car or van is on a lease (where you do not have the legal right to take full ownership at the end), you currently have cover with Total Loss Gap, and you are looking to extend your lease beyond your current Gap cover.


We may be able to provide a Lease Gap Top-Up for a year for you. 


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Instant Total Loss Top Up GAP Quote  Top up Gap Cover for Vans and LCV's  Top up Gap Insurance is a 12 month renewable policy

* Terms and conditions apply for full policy details. Please see the Top up Gap Insurance Documents above.