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Return to Invoice Gap Insurance at TotalLossGap

What is Return to Invoice Gap Insurance and how does it work with Total Loss Gap?


Return to Invoice Gap Insurance is designed to simply protect the original invoice price you have paid for your vehicle, meaning that in the event of a total loss, you are returned back to the invoice price you have paid, rather than just having your motor insurance settlement. Due to depreciation, your vehicle will be worth a lot less than the price you have paid as the years go on. In fact, the average vehicle may lose as much as 50% over a three-year term, with some particular models losing more. 


If you have recently purchased a vehicle, you may have been offered Gap Insurance during the purchase process. Back to Invoice, Invoice plus and Return to Invoice is usually the type of GAP protection offered to you at that stage. However, if you carry out some research, you will find that there are more forms of GAP for you to consider. 


TotalLossGap takes the choice away from you. Rather than having to decide whether or not Return to Invoice is best for you, this policy will guarantee that the very least we get you back to, is the original purchase price you have paid. At TotalLossGap, there is one policy that combines all three different types. 


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We now know about Return to Invoice, but what are the other types of insurance? 


There are two other options, the first being the most basic form of protection. This one is simply designed for you to clear any outstanding finance and you walk away with no liability. But, you walk away with nothing. The other level of cover, is the most comprehensive type, rather than you being returned to the invoice price you have paid for the vehicle, instead, we top you back up to the cost of a 'like for like' replacement vehicle at that moment in time. If you purchased a brand new vehicle, the settlement will be based on another brand new vehicle, which due to inflation and changes in exchange rates, etc, is likely to be more than the price you originally paid. 


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How is TotalLossGap different to other policies?


With TotalLossGap, we combine all three different types and which settlement is the highest at the point of total loss is the settlement figure we would use. This means that at the very least, we guarantee to return you to the original invoice price you have paid for the vehicle as Return to Invoice Gap Insurance would do. However, the cost of a replacement vehicle may have since increased, resulting in the settlement being higher than the original invoice price you have paid. If you have any outstanding finance attached to the vehicle, within any settlement the finance is cleared and the equity and balance left over is yours to do with as you wish.


If you don't have the option to own your vehicle and instead it's on a lease agreement or contract hire agreement where you hand the vehicle back it the end, the policy will perform differently. If this is the case, click here to find out how Lease Gap Insurance can work for you, alternatively click to Get a Quote and read the how it works section on the quote page.


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