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Return to Invoice Gap Insurance at Total Loss Gap


What is Return to Invoice Gap Insurance, and how does it work with Total Loss Gap?


Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance is designed to protect the original invoice price you have paid for your vehicle. In the event of a total loss, it will pay the difference between your insurance company's settlement and the higher of either.

  1. The outstanding finance.

  2. The original invoice price you paid.

Due to depreciation, your vehicle could be worth much less than the price you paid in a few years. The average vehicle may lose as much as 50% over a three-year term, with some particular models losing more.

If you recently purchased a vehicle, you will most likely be offered a form of Combined return-to-invoice insurance.

  • Back to Invoice, 
  • Invoice plus,
  • Shortfall Insurance 


  Total Loss RTI Gap with no claim limit  You Can Buy up to 5 years return to invoice gap insurance

There are several different names and levels of cover, so before you buy Combined Return to Invoice, why not compare our feature-packed policies and prices and see just how simple and affordable protecting your vehicle with a Toatl loss Gap Insurance policy can be? 

  1. UK-based call centre. 
  2. Uk-based Claims Team.
  3. Policies Backed by the FSCS.
  4. 30-day cooling-off period.
  5. Free policy administration.
  6. Pro Rata refund outside the cooling off period.
  7. There is no claim limit for vehicles up to £75000.
  8. Instant Quote and Cover
  9. Contribution towards your motor insurance company's excess
  10. Up to 90 days of European coverage per year.
  11. No mileage restrictions
  12. Fee policy transfer (subject to eligibility)


We are proud of our Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance policy, but please remember that not all policies are the same; some will have slight variations that can have a huge impact when you make a claim.


We have worked hard with our underwriting team to ensure our policies are as inclusive and simplistic as possible. However, every policy will have terms and conditions, and it is important that you understand them. This is because it shows how your claim will be calculated and settled. 


Return to Invoice is usually the type of GAP protection most dealerships offer. However, if you carry out some research, you will find that there are more forms of GAP for you to consider. We are all different, we spend various amounts on vehicles, fund them in different ways and use them for various reasons. So why should one level of cover be the most appropriate policy for everyone?


Total Loss Gap gives you a choice of levels of Gap Insurance.


You can opt for our Total Loss Gap Combined Invoice and Replacement GAP. This can cover you to the HIGHER of either the replacement cost at the time you claim or the original invoice price you paid. This is our premier policy and eliminates the choice between taking a Return to Invoice cover or Vehicle Replacement GAP. The policy gives you the best outcome between the two.

We do offer a second option.

If you like the idea of a simple Return to Invoice policy, then we (from August 2020) can offer that to you as well. Like our premier product, other than not having the replacement element of cover, you still have unlimited cover between your motor insurer settlement and the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle.


How many years of Gap insurance coverage do you need?


This is a question that we are often asked, so we thought we would show you what our policyholders have been buying in the last six months. You will see that only a few policyholders buy a two-policy. The vast majority buy a 3 three policy, and the rest is split between four and five years. 


Graph showing Total Loss Return to Invoice policy sales in number of years taken.  Total Loss Return to invoice policy sale data source




We now know about Return to Invoice, but what are the other types of insurance? 


There are two other options, the first being the most basic form of protection. This one is simply designed for you to clear any outstanding finance and you walk away with no liability. But, you walk away with nothing. The other level of cover, is the most comprehensive type, rather than you being returned to the invoice price you have paid for the vehicle, instead, we top you back up to the cost of a 'like for like' replacement vehicle at that moment in time. If you purchased a brand new vehicle, the settlement will be based on another brand new vehicle, which due to inflation and changes in exchange rates, etc, is likely to be more than the price you originally paid. 




Quick Invoice Gap Quote  We can cover vehicles up to £100,000  Your Return to Invoice Policy is backed by the FSCS


How is Total Loss Gap different to other policies?


With Total Loss Gap Combined Invoice and Replacement GAP, we combine all three different types, and which settlement is the highest at the point of total loss is the settlement figure we would use. This means that, at the very least, we guarantee to return you the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle, as Return to Invoice Gap Insurance would do. However, the cost of a replacement vehicle may have since increased, resulting in the settlement being higher than the original invoice price you have paid. If you have any outstanding finance attached to the vehicle, within any settlement, the finance is cleared, and the equity and balance left over is yours to do as you wish.

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Return to invoice Gap Insurance Real Life Claims Example.

Total Loss Return to Invoice Gap insurance Claims Total Loss RTI Claims Data

Total Loss RTI Claim Example Total Loss Gap RTI Claim Details