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Tyre Insurance from

What does our Tyre Insurance cover?

Tyre Insurance from Total Loss Gap insures you against the cost of replacing, or repairing, your car tyres following damage sustained in an accidental or malicious incident. Examples would be running over a pot hole, picking up a nail in the tyre or someone slashing the tyres.

The cost of a replacement tyre can be high, and of course, these incidents always come at the worst possible time.  

Why Tyre Insurance?

If you have a tyre 'blow out', run over a nail or even have some idiot slash your tyre wall with a knife, having to dip into your pocket to replace the tyre is not a pleasant experience. With low profile tyre walls and a number of manufacturers using the newer 'run flat' style of tyres, the cost of replacements can be upwards of £350.

It is also important to consider that if you do have run flat tyres then these are nearly impossible to repair. If you get even a puncture on these types of tyres then a new replacement tyre is almost inevitable.

When you add the condition found on typical roads these days, where avoiding pot holes is almost a daily occurrence, the chances of damaging a tyre is clear. This is why more and more people are considering Tyre Insurance to cover these circumstances where the damage renders the tyre unsafe and would not pass an MOT.

Why Tyre Insurance from Total Loss Gap?    

This is such an important question, and something we want to explain in as much detail as possible.

We understand that there are any number of Tyre Insurance products in the market today. You have probably been offered one by your motor dealer, and you will be able to find any number of products of the same ilk from other online providers.

Tyre Insurance, is it worth it?

Well, take a look at our graphic. We compare the costs of replacing a tyre against the cost of the Tyre Insurance you can get from us, all against some popular cars in today's market. We feel the illustration is self-explanatory. See what you think for yourself.

Tyre Insurance is it worth it

What makes Tyre Insurance from Total Loss Gap different? More claims and more cover  ...


The advantages of Total Loss Tyre Insurance protection

  • The policy allows for 4 claims per annum, so that is 4 claims per year for Tyre replacement or repair. Many other Tyre Insurance products are limited to just 5 claims in total for the entire policy term. With our Tyre Insurance product, you can make up to 12 claims for tyres on a 3-year policy.
  • Only a £10 excess per claim, as opposed to the £15-£50 often seen with other similar products in the market.
  • Up to £350 per tyre replacement, where other products often are limited to between £125 and £300 maximum cost per replacement tyre. From summer 2020 we offer you a choice of maximum claim per tyre of £150 or £350 for standard tyres. All run-flat options are for a maximum of £350.
  • Up to £50 per puncture repair, where the damage can be repaired in the opinion of the tyre retailer
  • Cover provided for run flat or standard tyres, for cars with wheels up to 22 inch in diameter. Select whether you have standard or run flat tyres, and enter the inch diameter of your wheel to get your tyre insurance quotation.

Am I eligible for Tyre Insurance?

In order to purchase Tyre Insurance from you have to fit the below criteria:

  • cars (we do not cover vans, motorbikes, taxis or driving schools)
  • purchased from a VAT registered Main Dealership in the last 30 days (or about to purchase)
  • vehicle age is less than 3 years old at the time of policy purchase
  • vehicle has covered less than 50,000 miles at time of policy purchase
  • vehicle has tyres of 22 inch diameter or less.

What is not covered by Tyre Insurance from Total Loss Gap?

Examples of where claims would not be permitted include:

  • claims where the tyre has less than 2mm tread depth across the tyre
  • claims made more than 30 days after the damage occurs
  • claims for damage due to wear and tear
  • where the damage is cosmetic, does not render the tyre unsafe and it would pass an MOT
  • where more claims than the permitted maximum has been exceeded

Tyre Insurance Quotation from

What is the claims procedure for Tyre Insurance from Total Loss Gap?

  1. If you feel you have suffered damage that may be covered by the Tyre Insurance then we ask that you contact the Claims Line on 0114 321 9877 as soon as possible. If you can provide your policy number (if you have it to hand), your vehicle registration number and your current mileage then the claims team handler will ask you for some details of the damage.
  2. The Claims Team will authorise any eligible claim and provide an authorisation number to you. 
  3. The Claims Team will advise if they have any authorised repairers close to your locality. This will mean the repairer can be paid directly by the claims team. If no authorised repairer is suitable then the claims team will authorise a repairer convenient to you. This may involve you paying the repairer directly and sending in an invoice for reimbursement from the claims team.
  4. The Claims Team hours are Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm. If an incident occurs outside these hours, and your require an emergency repair/replacement then proceed with the repair but ensure both the damaged tyre is retained and the invoice is sent to the claims team for reimbursement. In these circumstances please call the claims team as soon as possible after the repair has taken place.

Some simple Tyre Insurance Q and A's

1 - Do you have to buy another type of Insurance from in order to buy Tyre Insurance too? - It has often been the case that with some other providers you have to buy say a Gap Insurance policy first in order to qualify to buy Tyre Insurance too. At the time of writing, we are pleased to confirm that is not the case with You may buy a Tyre Insurance policy independently from buying Gap Insurance, Alloy Wheel Insurance or Motor Excess Insurance.

2 - Why is there a maximum limit of 30 days from when you buy the vehicle as the maximum period in which you can buy Tyre Insurance from - This is simply a fraud prevention measure. As you can buy the policy online then there would be a temptation for someone who has need of a Tyre Insurance policy (as they have just suffered a 'blow out') to go to our website and buy a policy to cover the cost. We have seen very high numbers of very early claims (for example with 20% of the total number of claims coming within 10 days of policy purchase) with some policies in the past without this measure.

By keeping the policy much fairer to our customers and insurer we can see claims costs kept in line with expectations, with all legitimate claims paid, and therefore being able to maintain very good value policy prices.

A high number of 'dodgy' claims simply means prices would go up. We are only interested in offering the best value products who those who intend to use the policy legitimately.

3 - Where can my Tyre Insurance claim be processed? - The main account that the claims team will use is with Halfords. Having a nationwide chain of fitting centres, this makes Halfords a perfect fit for our customers. Using Halfords may not always be convenient for you so our claims team will assist you in ensuring the tyre is replaced, or repaired, at a reputable tyre retailer.

4. - What type of damage cannot be claimed for on Tyre Insurance from TLG? - There are a couple of areas to use, as examples, to answer this point (please check the policy terms via the link below for full exclusions). The first would be typical wear and tear. Tyres wear down with normal road use, a tyre that needs replacing due to wear and tear would not be covered. Another example would be where the damage incurred does not render the tyre unsafe, ie it would pass an MOT. Another final example would be where you use the vehicle for unusual uses like racing, rallying or track days. These are likely to see a higher chance of damage and would not be covered by the policy.

View Tyre Insurance Policy Terms & ConditionsView Tyre Insurance Policy Keyfacts



Considering Alloy Wheel Insurance as well as Tyre Insurance?

If you are thinking about Alloy Wheel Insurance to add to Tyre Insurance then please take a look at our Complete Wheel Insurance. This combined product mixes our Alloy Wheel Insurance with our Tyre Insurance, and allows you 4 claims for each part, each and every year.

Not only does the combined product offer cover for run flat and standard tyres, but also for the often excluded diamond and laser cut alloys too.

What is more, by taking the combined product it is cheaper than taking the Tyre Insurance and Alloy Wheel Insurance separately. 'Win win' for more claims, more cover AND lower premiums we say!

Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance Combined at