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Total Loss Tyre Insurance for N-Rated Tyres


As we are sure you will already know, N-rated tyres have been designed in collaboration with Porsche. Porsche will have input from the design to the formulation of the various compounds, the tyre pattern, and beyond. Every time Porsche revisits and improves a tyre, its code changes slightly. For example, N0 is the first example of a specific tyre. N1 means that the specification has been improved. N2 is another improvement on top of N1, and so on. 


Only when Porsche is satisfied that the tyre meets their exacting standards can it be sold and marketed as N-rated.


There is a lot of information on the net regarding N-rated tyres' benefits and disadvantages (predominately the cost ), and we are certainly not here to pass judgment.

Instead, we would comment that if Porsche had been an integral part of the design development and manufacturing of the tyre, it would have considered it good enough to be fitted to their cars. We would not dream of countering their advice. 


After all, when it comes to Porsche, they are the experts.


However, when it comes to protecting your Porsche with a Tyre Insurance policy, we can certainly help.


A Total Loss Tyre Insurance policy can help protect you against the cost of punctures, vandalism, and blowouts.

  • You can buy up to 4 years of cover.
  • Choose either 2 or 4 claims per year.
  • There is no excess to pay when you make a claim.
  • Claim up to £350 per tyre.
  • Cover for vehicles up to 5 years old on the day of policy inception.
  • Cover for Porsche cars with up to 50,000 miles on the clock on the day that you buy your policy.
  • Day one cover if you purchase a brand new Porsche and have bought your policy before delivery.
  • Cover for tyres up to and including 22 inches.


There is no set tyre specialist; instead, claims are settled on a pay-for-claim basis (with authorisation) - you choose where your tyre is repaired or replaced.


Our Tyre Insurance Policies were changed in March 2023, so if your policy was purchased before then, please see your policy documents, as there are slight variations in the terms and conditions.


Our policy also has lots of other benefits 

  • Backed by the FSCS
  • UK-based Claims team
  • Uk-based customer support
  • All named drivers over the age of 18 with a full UK licence are cover
  • You can transfer your policy free of charge to your next eligible vehicle.
  • You can cancel at any time ( pro-rata refund less admin fee after 1st 30 days )
  • 30-day cooling off with no admin fees.

Total Loss Tyre Insurance Key FactsTyre Insurance IPID After March 2023                  Total Loss Tyre insurance terms and conditionsTyre Insurance T&C After March 2023


For a full list of the benefits of choosing a Total Loss Tyre Insurance policy to protect your Porsche, why not click for an instant quote or call 0800 195 4926 to speak to a team member?