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Combined '3 in 1' Gap Insurance | Total Loss Gap

Which type of Gap Insurance is best for you?


Rather than you having to decide which type of Gap Insurance is best for you, instead a Combined Gap Insurance policy from Total Loss takes the guess work away.


You no longer have to decide which is better, Finance Shortfall Gap, Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement, instead we pay the highest settlement figure of the three. So we look at your finance settlement, the original invoice price you paid or the replacement cost of the equivalent vehicle at the time of claim. Whichever is the highest if what we cover you too.


Combined Gap Insurance


If you have recently purchased a vehicle from a VAT Registered Garage or Main Dealership, you are likely to have been introduced to GAP and usually Return to Invoice. Because of the price they've quoted you, you decide to check online to see if you could find a better price and find that you have another type of Gap Insurance to choose from. You will also see that with most providers, you are asked to select a claim limit, (i.e the maximum amount the Gap should cover) with Total Loss Gap you don't have to select a claim limit, instead there is no maximum limit. 


Being part of Aequitas Automotive Limited, using genuine consumer feedback from sister brands, GapInsurance123, Easy Gap and, we designed the Combined Gap Insurance policy and the Total Loss Gap brand. We have worked very closely with the underwriting insurer to design a combined policy with such ability to take all the guess work away, no choice between the policy types and no need to work out any possible claim limit. 


We still have the separate policy types and claim limit options on the other brands, however, we believe that by taking the guess work away from you, it makes buying Gap Insurance online as easy it possibly can be. 


One of the most often asked questions with Gap Insurance, is which is better Finance Gap, Return to Invoice or Vehicle Replacement Gap? Our Combined Gap policy now takes away the need for this question to be asked and therefore gives you the confidence in the policy knowing that should the worst happen, you've not chose the wrong option.