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Why should you consider Combined Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance?


We are a tyre and alloy wheel provider and are confident that our cover can give you tremendous value for money. However, we are always looking to provide more for potential policyholders looking to cover their alloy wheels and tyres, so instead of buying an alloy wheel insurance and a separate tyre insurance policy, they can now buy one and have complete cover and peace of mind.


With a Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance policy, customers can enjoy the same features and benefits of single tyre insurance and alloy wheel insurance in one policy at a vastly reduced price. 


  No wear and tear deductions on your tyre insurance claim  30 days cooling off as standard on your Total Loss Tyre and Alloy Wheel policy


We all want more complete coverage, fewer exclusions, more control over our policies, more control over how claims are processed and more value for money.


A Tyre and alloy wheel insurance could be the answer.


A Tyre and Alloy Insurance policy gives the right balance at Total Loss, protecting your tyres and covering the cost of minor cosmetic damage to your wheels.


Our Complete wheel insurance gives better value for money, and you have more autonomy over where your tyre and even alloy wheel repairs are carried out.

After all, it is your car and money, so why shouldn't you have more control over where and on what is spent?


If you want a Combined Wheel Insurance policy, why not compare our prices, features, and coverage levels?


The advantages of Total Loss Complete Wheel protection

  • The policy allows for two or four Tyre claims per annum.
  • The policy allows for two or four Alloy wheel claims per year.
  • No waiting period.* 
  • No excess or call-out fee when you make a claim.
  • Choice of either up to £150 or £350 per tyre replacement. 
  • Standard, diamond, laser cut alloys and painted alloy wheels covered.
  • Up to £150 towards the cost of a replacement alloy wheel if the original cannot be repaired. 
  • We cover 'run flat', standard, N-rated, self-healing and low-profile tyres.
  • Cover for vehicles up to 5 years old on the day of inception of your policy.
  • Cover for vehicles with up to 50,000 miles already on the clock.
  • Cover for accidental or malicious damage.**
  • There is no wear and tear deduction.***
  • Uk-based Call Centers.
  • UK-based claims teams.
  • There are no mileage restrictions.
  • 30-day cooling off period, T&Cs apply.
  • Pro rata refund after the cooling-off period, T&Cs apply.
  • No extra fees for prestige wheels as long as they are eligible.


* There is no waiting period, provided you purchased a brand-new car and purchased your policy before delivery.

** On the proviso, you have contacted the police and can provide a crime reference number. If you do not report it to the police you policy will not cover the cost.

*** Your tyre must have a minimum of 2 mm of tyre depth when you come to make a claim.


For a full list of terms of terms, conditions, and additional benefits, please see the policy documents below.

Pdf IconTotal Loss IPID After March 2023                  Pdf IconTotal Loss Complete Wheel After March 2023

Pdf IconTotal Loss IPID Before March 2023               Pdf IconTotal Loss Complete Wheel Before March 2023


Please Note. Certain types of specialist and prestige alloy wheels are outside the scope of cosmetic repair techniques and, therefore, cannot be covered by this insurance product. 


The types of alloy wheels our tyre and alloy wheel insurance (and alloy wheel insurance policy) can not cover include but are not limited to;

  • A Chrome finish alloy wheel
  • A Multi-piece alloy wheel 
  • A Powder-coated alloy wheel 
  • Any Magnesium alloy wheels
  • Any Flange-cut alloy wheels
  • A Hydro-dipped alloy wheel
  • Any Anodised wheels
  • Any Pinstripe alloy wheels
  • Any After-market alloy wheels
  • Any Split rim construction

Please also note that this policy does not cover any Upholstery damage or theft 

We know damage to a tyre or an alloy wheel can be annoying, and the cost of repair or replacement can be costly and inconvenient.

To protect yourself against unforeseen expenses, why not look at our policy, Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance, today?


Not all tyre and alloy insurance providers cover diamond-cut alloy wheels or give you the same terms and conditions as we do. So please remember: if your dealer or another tyre and alloy wheel insurance provider says they will match or beat our price, ask them to match the features, too!!


  You can buy up to 4 years Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance  You can make up to 4 tyre and 4 allow wheel claims per year.


Who can purchase Complete Wheel Insurance?


Tyre and alloy wheel insurance cover is like any other form of protection, so it is not available for everyone. Our system will ask you questions about your vehicle to ensure you are eligible for coverage. 

  • How old is your car? - It must be under five years old on the day that you buy your policy.
  • How much mileage has your car already covered? - Your car must have less than 50,000 miles on the clock on the day of your policy inception.
  • Where did you buy your car? - We can only cover vehicles bought from Main dealerships and VAT-registered garages.
  • How long ago did you purchase your car? - We can only provide cover for cars you purchased within the first 30 days of ownership online and 90 days when you speak to a team member and have had images approved.
  • What will you be using your car for? - We can not offer tyre and alloy wheel cover if you use the vehicle for hire, reward, or tuition. We can also only cover class 1 business. For example, this is not a pool car or loan car.
  • What size wheels are fitted to your car? - We can cover wheels and tyres up to and including 22 inches. 
  • What type of tyres are fitted to your car? - We can cover Runflat, self-healing, standard, low profile and N-rated tyres.


We also offer other levels of protection that you may want to consider


You can cherry-pick the policies you are interested in and discount the ones you don't think are important. Naturally, as you may have guessed, we think that they all offer fantastic value for money, but as always, the choice is yours. You can also simply contact us to discuss the various options.

You can choose from Gap Insurance, Alloy Wheel Insurance, Scratch and Dent Insurance, Motor Excess Insurance, Tyre Insurance, and much, much more.

Alloy Wheel Insurance for your vehicle  Smart Care Insurance for your vehicle  Excess insurance to cover your vehicles Excess Payment

Total Loss GAP Insurance  Scratch and Dent insurance for your vehicle  Tyre insurance

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when you claim for a tyre?

If possible, contact the claims team. They may ask for images or a report from your chosen tyre specialist. They will appraise your tyre and decide if it needs a repair or replacement. In most cases, you must pay for the repair or replacement and then send the invoice in for reimbursement.


What happens when you make an alloy wheel claim?

Contact the claims team; they may ask for images to determine if your alloy wheel is repairable in situ or needs more in-depth repair. To keep our repairers safe, they will require somewhere off-road to be able to work.

If your alloy wheel requires more in-depth repair with the claim team's authorisation, you can nominate your local approved repairer to drive in, repair the wheel, and drive out. As it is impossible to have an account with every tyre specialist in the UK, this is done on a pay-for-claim basis. (i.e. you pay for the alloy wheel repair, then send the invoice in for a refund.) 


Does Gap Insurance cover damage repair or replacement of your tyre and alloy wheels?

No, a Gap Insurance policy only covers you if your car is written off (damaged beyond economic repair or stolen and not recovered); it will not cover damage to your alloy wheels or tyres.


What damage would not be covered with a complete wheel alloy wheel and tyre insurance policy?

  • Any damage that happened before your policy was in place.
  • Any claim caused by malicious damage where you did not report it to the police and are therefore unable to provide a crime reference number.
  • If your wheels are stolen.
  • We can not cover any consequential costs you incur because you can not use your car.
  • Damage caused by a road traffic accident. 

Please see our tyre and alloy policy documents above for a complete list of terms and conditions.


Will you cover me if my tyres are bald?

No, we do not cover wear and tear on your tyres, and when you come to make a claim, you must have a minimum of 2mm of tyre depth.


Do you have a tyre wear and tear deduction?

No, as long as your claim is valid, we will pay the full cost up to your chosen amount. That is to say, if your tyre was 60% worn, we would still pay the full cost of the replacement tyre up to either £150 or £350, depending upon the level of cover you chose.


Is Complete Wheel Insurance only for new cars?

No, we can cover new and used cars up to 5 years of age with up to 50,000 miles on the clock as long as you have bought your car within the last 30 days or 90 days with image approval.


Is there a mileage restriction?

No, there is no mileage restriction, provided your car has no more than 50,000 miles on the clock when you purchase your policy. How many miles you do after that is up to you.


Will you be covered if the tyre damage is your fault?

If the damage was not caused deliberately (for example, you slash your own tyres), your tyre and alloy policy will still cover you.


Can you buy tyre and alloy wheel insurance if you bought your car using a form of finance, such as personal contract hire (PCP) or Hire Purchase?

Yes, if you paid for your car using a form of finance or paid by bank transfer how you have paid for your car makes no difference to your policy or how your tyre and alloy wheel cover would work.


Can I cancel my Complete Wheel insurance policy?

Yes, you can cancel your policy at any time. 

  1. If you cancel within the 1st 30 days and have not attempted to make a claim, you are entitled to a full refund. 
  2. If you cancel after the first 30 days and have not made any claims, you will receive a pro-rata refund less a £35 administration fee.
  3. If you cancel after the first 30 days and have made a claim, the underwriter will not issue any refund as you have benefited from the policy. (please remember that you may be able to transfer your policy, T&C's apply) 


Do I need to pay an excess when I make a claim on my Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance policy?

No, there is no excess to pay when you make a claim.


How much does tyre and alloy wheel insurance cost?

The price you pay will depend the following;

  • The size of your tyres
  • What type of tyres you have
  • How many years you want to cover your vehicle
  • How many claims you want to be able to make per year
  • What the maximum you want to claim per Tyre is ( run-flat tyres are preset at a maximum of £350 per replacement tyre)


Will my tyre and alloy policy cover me if my wheels are stolen?

No, this policy would not cover you if your car's wheels are stolen; you would have to claim on your motor insurance policy.


Will my Tyre and alloy wheel policy pay for a new alloy wheel?

No, our policy is for cosmetic repair. For example, if the wheel were buckled, it would be scrapped, and as a token of goodwill, your policy would pay you £150 as a contribution towards the cost of the new wheel. We know this will not pay for a new replacement alloy wheel; instead, it is a goodwill gesture to say sorry we can not cover you.


Will my policy cover me if I am involved in a road traffic accident?

No, your tyre and alloy policy would not pay for any damage. You would need to claim on your motor insurance policy.


Will my Tyre and alloy policy cover other drivers?

Yes, as long as they are named on your fully comprehensive motor insurance, are over 18, and have a full license. (Please remember that we do not cover provisional licence holders.)


Whose name should I register my tyre and alloy policy in?

The main policyholder should be the registered owner of the car or, in the event you are sourcing your car using a form of contract or lease hire, the name of the person who has signed the finance agreement.


Can I transfer my Tyre and Alloy Wheel policy if I change my car?

Yes, you can make one free-of-charge transfer, provided the vehicle we are transferring cover for is eligible. Subsequent transfers are charged at £35.00 each.


Looking for a quote? Call us on 0800 195 4926, and a team member will discuss different levels of cover, what we can and can not provide, and, more importantly, how a complete wheel policy can help protect you against the cost of damage to your alloy wheels and/or tyres.

If you purchased your car more than 30 days ago but less than 90, we will require clean, dry images of your alloys and/or tyres. These must be approved before confirming the cover, as the policy cannot cover any pre-existing damage already incurred.