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Cosmetic Repair Insurance | Total Loss Gap

Scratch & Dent Insurance is available at Total Loss Gap!

What is Cosmetic Repair Insurance & How does it work?

The idea of Cosmetic Repair Insurance (aka minor damage insurance, scratch and dent insurance, SMART Insurance) is to protect you from the costs of having minor scratches or dents repaired to the bodywork of your car. There is nothing more annoying than returning to your vehicle after doing some shopping, and finding a small dent after someone has opened their car door on to your door or even worse, scraped your bumper when reversing out. These cases of minor damage can be quite costly to repair and therefore a 'Smart' Repair or Scratch & Dent Insurance policy can cover that cost.


As well as covering the cost of having the repair carried out, one very useful advantage is that you don't have to claim on your motor insurance policy and therefore your no claims remain protected.


Some minor damage can cost more to repair than you expect. Even a minor dent caused by another car door can cost upwards of £100 to have repaired. In this scenario, you would have two options, you could pay the £100 to specialist authorised repairer or claim on your motor insurance policy and lose your no claims bonus. On the other hand, you could choose to insure against the cost of this happening with a 'Smart' Repair or Scratch & Dent Insurance policy and just have to pay the small excess per claim. 

What is included with 'Smart' Repair Insurance?

Total Loss Gap Scratch & Dent Insurance | 'Smart' Repair Insurance will cover the cost of having any minor damage repaired on your car, for the policy term you select. You are limited to a maximum of 6 claims per year and have the choice of a 2 or a 3 year policy. The policy is limited to the size limitations as explained below. 


Key FeaturesScratch & Dent Insurance Example

  • A scuff of no more than 150mm in diameter, 3mm in depth and across no more than 2 body panels
  • A minor dent of no more than 150mm in diameter, 3mm in depth and across no more than 2 body panels
  • A chip of no more than 15mm in diameter and 3mm in depth
  • You have the ability to make up to 6 claims per year.
  • £10 Excess to pay per claim.

Please Note: This policy will not cover any damage to the Alloy Wheels and instead if you would like to insure against the cost of having an Alloy Wheel repaired, Alloy Wheel Insurance at Total Loss Gap.

What happens when you make a 'Smart' Repair Insurance claim?

It's pretty simple, contact a member of the claims team on the dedicated contact number and explain what's happened and that you'd like to make a claim. The claims team will then pass your details on to the local authorised repairers in your area to get in touch with you, to arrange for the repair to take place. They arrange to come out to you at your home address or pace of work for example, they plug in their machines and then carry out the repair. 


Please note: There is a £10 excess to be paid per claim.

Can you buy 'Smart' Repair Insurance? 

Providing you fit the below criteria, you should have the ability to purchase a Total Loss Gap 'Smart' Repair | Scratch & Dent Insurance policy;

  • Your car is less than 3 years of age and has less than 50,000 miles on the clock
  • You have purchased your car from a Main Dealership within the last 30 Days
  • You're not using the car for any Taxi, Courier, Driving School or Sales Rep purposes.

If you are interested in 'Smart' Repair Insurance, why not click for a quotation and see whether or not it would be a cost effective option for you. 


'Smart' Repair Insurance & Scratch and Dent Insurance


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