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At Total Loss Gap Insurance we decided to re-design the way both our policy holders and our underwriters looked at Gap Insurance. Our New Total Loss Policies are what we genuinely consider to be the most "all inclusive and customer friendly in the market"


So before you buy a potentially inferior policy elsewhere, why not see what our policy can do? Did you know that our policies will...

  • Pay up to £250 towards the cost of your own insurance companies settlement.
  • Cover the cost of all factory fitted options.
  • Cover the cost of up to £1500 worth of dealer fitted options.
  • There is no claim limit
  • You can defer your policy free of charge for up to 12 months
  • You can buy your policy at any time within the first 365 days of ownership, providing you have 'new for old' within the first 12 months through your own motor insurance policy.
  • You can transfer your policy free of charge to another eligible vehicle.
  • You have a 30 day cooling off period.
  • After your cooling off period you can cancel with a pro-rata refund (less admin fee held by the underwriter) 
  • No admin fees for changes of address or personal information.
  • No charge for paying with a credit or debit card
  • Flexible payment scheme over 12 months subject to status.

The list goes on and on but we hope you get the idea. With a Total Loss Gap Insurance Policy we cannot promise that you will not be in an accident. Equally we cannot promise that your car will not be stolen. Instead we can promise, real value for money, outstanding levels of customer service with simple to understand policies that work. 

Gap Insurance

Take the risk out of Gap Insurance with a Total Loss Gap Insurance Policy. You don't need to worry about choosing the best level of cover or the best claim limit. This policy simply performs in the best way it can do.

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Your alloy wheel insurance policy will pay to have your wheel repaired or if a repair is not possible pay up to £150 towards the cost of a replacement wheel.

You can make up to 4 claims per year for example this means that if you have purchased a 2 year policy you can make up to 8 claims, if you have bought a 3 year policy you can make up to 12 claims.

We can cover diamond cut, laser cut and paint alloy wheels up to and including 20".

There is a £10.00 excess to pay per claim and damage must be reported within 30 days.

There are 3 levels of repair and we think that it is really important that you understand the different levels...

1. A technician will come to your home or place of work and repair the wheel.
2. The wheel is not repairable so you will be paid up to £150 towards the replacement cost.
3. The wheel is repairable but not in its current location. At this point the technician will box and post the wheel to a central repair station. When it has been repaired it will be sent back to you and fitted. ( postage and packaging will be paid for by your policy)

Please note that this means that unless you have a replacement wheel your vehicle may be off the road for up to 14 days.

This cover is also only available for cars which are not being used as a driving school, taxi, courier or any other form of hire and reward.

Alloy Insurance

Damaging your Alloy Wheels can not only change the appearance of your car but can also effect the part exchange or re-sale value. With cover from as little as £149.00 do you really want to take the risk?

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Why should you consider spending your hard earned money on Tyre Insurance?


Your tyre is the single most important safety feature your car has. No matter how good your air bags, no matter how efficient the crumple zones or the break assist systems your tyre will have more impact on the overall road safety and handling of your car.


The health of your tyre can even affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Yet with the current state of our roads industry experts estimate that pot holes alone are costing the British Motorist an estimated 2.8 billion pounds per year. This is not just in the cost of replacement tyres but also damage to suspension and axle failure.


The government themselves estimate that our road repair budgets are under funded by 55 % with totals an estimated 1 billion (figures taken from Feb 2016). 


So with our roads and highways in such a state of repair this can only put pressure on your tyres which already take the full brunt of our roads and weather conditions.


Combine this environment pressure as well as under funding and it means that you have never been more likely to have some form of tyre failure. By this we mean either a puncture or a blow out. 


Tyre manufacturers are investing millions into designing tyres that are more hard wearing and offer better road handling when there is a problem but this itself can lead to even a minor puncture becoming a replacement.


This is because many of the tyre sealants on new car tyres, are designed to stop the need to repair a puncture instantly. This is done by temporarily inflating the tyre with a formula/solution of which once used, is almost impossible to repair, despite that fact that they are designed to be water soluble.


This means that at any time you could be left having to replace perhaps, one, two, three or even in some extreme cases four tyres.


How much would a new tyre cost you?


This will depend on the type of car you have and the type of tyre for example a Run flat tyre will cost a lot more than a standard 16" tyre.


In summary tyre insurance cannot stop you have to replace your tyre, it also cannot prevent your tyre from wearing out. It can however make sure that should you have a puncture or a blow out that you are not left having to simply absorb the cost on your own.


In an attempt to combat fraudulent claims there is a 14 day exclusion period. This means that your policy will not honour any claims within the 1st 14 days.

Tyre Insurance

The introduction of puncture sealants and run flat Tyres has resulted in it becoming more and more expensive to repair a Tyre. With many modern Tyres now needing replacement after even just a slight puncture, Tyre insurance is becoming more and more important.

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Buying a new car is never cost efficient and there are always lots of hidden costs. Changing your motor insurance, mud flaps and mats, deposits and even in some cases admin fees. Sometimes it can leave even the most financially stable hard pushed to ensure that they have adequate cover.


This can mean that worthwhile cost effective policies which could potentially save you lots of money can be pushed to the background. Combined Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance is an excellent way of making the most of your budget and we think the most cost efficient way of protecting your wheels to date.


This is because your policy allows you to choose to have a repair on either your tyre or your wheel. Double the cover but real value for money.


This means that you can make up to 4 claims per year. The claims can be either an alloy wheel repair, a puncture or a replacement tyre or in fact a combination or all three. If you have purchase a two year policy you can make up to 8 claims and a three year policy up to 12 claims.


Please also remember that there is a £10.00 excess to pay per claim.


We can cover make different types of wheels and tyres including...

  • Diamond cut alloy wheels 
  • Laser cut wheels
  • Painted alloys
  • Alloy wheels and Tyres up to and including 20"
  • Run Flat as well as Standard tyres.

We cannot cover certain types of vehicles for example...

  • Taxi or Driving school cars
  • Vehicles to be used as a hackney or other form of hire and reward
  • Split rim alloy wheels
  • Wheels and Tyres over 20"
  • Vehicles which are over 3 years old 
  • Vehicles which have over 50,000 miles on the clock on the day that you purchase your policy.

For a full list of terms and conditions please read your policy documents. 

In an attempt to combat fraudulent claims and keep prices as competitive as possible there is a 14 day exclusion period. This means that your policy will not honour any claims within the 1st 14 days.

Combined Wheel

Save money with a combined Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance policy. Please remember that while our policies can cover Run Flat and Standard Tyres as well as Diamond, Laser Cut and Painted Alloy Wheels we can not currently offer cover for split rimmed wheels.

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Scratch and dent insurance is a fantastic policy which protects you against minor damage.


We are however concerned about the way in which some scratch and dent providers promote this type of policy. Scratch and dent insurance is not a level of cover which can replace the fact that you may have to go to the body shop instead it is a complimentary level of cover. 

What is Scratch and Dent Insurance?


Sometimes also known as Cosmetic repair, SMART repair insurance, car scratch insurance or Minor Damage Insurance, Scratch and Dent Insurance can be used to cover the cost of minor bodywork damage you may get on your vehicle. This could be a:


  • Scuff of no more than 150mm in diameter, 3mm in depth, across no more than 2 body panels
  • Minor dent of no more than 150mm in diameter, 3mm in depth, across no more than 2 body panels
  • Chip of no more than 15mm in diameter and 3mm in depth


It is designed to mean that minor scuffs or abrasions can be repaired without the added expense of having to take your vehicle to a body shop. It also means that you can avoid having to make an insurance claim. 

Scratch Insurance

Trolley dings, scuffs on the bumper and small dents from parking in a busy car park are all things that are somewhat unavoidable, however, with a Scratch & Dent policy you take away the annoyance of the cost to repair them.

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Smart Care

Excess Insurance is designed to protect you from the unexpected cost of having to pay your motor insurance excess should you need to claim. This policy will simply reimburse your excess in the event of a claim.

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