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Gap Insurance from Total LossGap

Total Loss GAP Insurance is one of the UK's best-known independent GAP Insurance providers. 

For over a decade, Total Loss GAP has helped to protect UK vehicle owners financially. Our insurance policies have not only safeguarded the financial investment they made in changing their vehicle but also helped to keep it in showroom condition. We have also earned recognition from reputable sources, including Money Saving Expert and Which? 

If you are looking for an experienced Gap Insurance provider that is fully FCA regulated, offers policies backed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, who is a member of the BIBA and has a reputation for excellent levels of customer service, with a comprehensive range of Gap Insurance policies, and genuine value gap insurance prices, it has to be Total Loss GAP. 

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Tyre Insurance cover can protect you against the unforeseen cost of punctures and blowouts. Our flexible tyre insurance policy allows you to pick not only the maximum number of claims you can make but also the maximum amount you can claim per replacement tyre.

Scratch and Dent Insurance is an optional insurance policy which protects you against the cost of repairing minor scuffs and dings on the bodywork of your vehicle. It can even cover damage on two panels and you can make up to 6 claims per year (T&C's Apply)  

Alloy Wheel Insurance protects you against the cost of repairs and damage to your alloy wheels. We can cover diamond, laser cut, and painted wheels and your policy will also contribute towards the cost of a new wheel if the old one is beyond economic repair.

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance combines tyre and alloy wheel insurance into one cost-effective policy which allows you to pick the maximum amount you would like to be able to claim for a tyre as well as the maximum number of claims you can make per year.

Smart Care Cosmetic Insurance combines scratch & dent & alloy wheel insurance together as well as interior protection into one super cost-effective policy. It still covers diamond, laser cut, and alloy wheels as well as covering an increased area of bodywork damage. 

What is GAP Insurance and how does Gap insurance work

GAP Insurance, short for Guaranteed Asset Protection, is an additional policy that complements your comprehensive car insurance.

Vehicles lose value over time. Every mile you travel and every year you have your car will mean that it is not worth the same amount as it was on the day you bought it. 

If your car is written off, your comprehensive car insurance policy's market value settlement can be significantly less than the original purchase or even less than the amount you have outstanding on finance. In the worst-case scenario, you could be left paying for something you no longer have. If you paid cash, you may have to use savings or commit to a financial package.

GAP Insurance is designed to bridge these potential effects of depreciation by topping up your motor or car insurance settlement, meaning you are not left out of pocket. Depending on you, your vehicle, and what you will use it for, there are three types of gap insurance to choose from. Gap Insurance is available for new and used cars up to 8 years of age with up to 80,000 miles on the clock when you buy your Gap insurance.

With our Gap insurance policies you will be pleased to know

Your Gap Insurance will cover all named drivers over the age of 18 with a full Licence on your policy.

Your Gap Insurance will pay up to £250 towards your motor insurance companies excess when you claim.

Your Gap Insurance will cover up to £1500 of 'Dealer Fitted' options fitted to your car before delivery.

We do not charge any Gap insurance admin fees for reg, address, and policy administration.

If you change your car you can transfer Gap Insurance free of charge to your next vehicle T&C apply

We always settle Gap Insurance claims in cash so you decide what and where your money is spent.

There are no mileage restrictions once your Gap insurance policy is live and in place.

You can pay for your Gap insurance with any major credit or debit card as well as PayPal and monthly options.

Gap insurance is available for up to 5 years which performs the same during the duration of your policy.

One free Gap insurance policy transfer to your next eligible vehicle (T&C's apply) 

Your opinion counts, and we have Independently verified and rated 4.9/5 stars for customer service. 

You can defer the start date of your Gap Insurance to coincide with the end of your new for old cover.

There is no gap insurance claim limit for vehicles up to £75000 (vehicles up to £100,000 have a claim limit of £75,000) 

Commitment to settle your Gap insurance claim within 10 days of receipt of the relevant documentation.

Your Gap Insurance covers you for theft with keys. Providing your own insurance deems it a valid claim.

Which level of GAP Insurance is best for you?

Total Loss Finance Gap Insurance

Finance GAP Insurance

This type of GAP Insurance bridges any difference between your car insurance market value settlement and the outstanding finance settlement.

However, not everyone can benefit from finance gap protection. If you have put in a large deposit or are near the end of your agreement, you may find that there is no shortfall. If your car was written off or stolen, then you may not see any claim paid on this type of GAP Insurance policy. As such, we do not offer stand-alone finance gap insurance policies as we do not believe they offer enough protection.

N.B We do not cover negative equity you have bought forward from an old finance agreement to your new vehicle. For this, you would require a Negative Equity Gap Insurance policy.

Total Loss Return to Invoice Gap Insurance

Return to Invoice GAP Insurance

RTI Gap Insurance (Also known as RTI Gap) is the most popular level of cover offered by main dealerships.

This makes it the most well-known cover in the market.

RTI Gap insurance pays the difference between your motor or car insurance's current market value settlement and the higher of either

1. the original invoice price you paid for the vehicle

2. or the amount outstanding on your finance agreement. 

This will mean you now have the entire original purchase price of your car, you can clear any outstanding finance if necessary and then the balance of funds is yours to spend as you wish. 

Total Loss Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance

Vehicle Replacement GAP Insurance 

Our award-winning Vehicle Replacement Insurance (VRI Gap for short) is the next level of coverage available.

VRI Gap pays the difference between your motor or car insurance company's settlement and the higher cost of either of the following;

1. another equivalent replacement vehicle, the same as yours, was on the day you first took delivery,

2. the original invoice price you paid,

3. or the amount outstanding on your finance agreement. 

This means that no matter what the market forces on the day, you simply get the best and highest financial settlement.

Total Loss Contract/Lease Hire Gap Insurance

Contract Hire GAP Insurance

Contract Hire Gap Insurance (Lease Gap insurance) pays the difference between your car insurance's current market value settlement and the outstanding lease/ finance settlement.

This could be made up of any of the following; 

1. Differences in market value

2. Differences in Market Value

3. A portion of future rentals

4. Early Termination Fees

With Lease & Contract Hire GAP Insurance from Total Loss, if you choose, you also have the option to protect your initial rental up to a maximum of £3000.


Peace of Mind With a Total Loss Gap Insurance Policy

Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)

Any policy Gap Insurance or supplementary policy you buy is backed by the (FSCS) Financial Ombudsman Service

British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA)

We are proud to have been members of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA) for over a decade.

Independently 4.9 / 5-Star Rated Reviews 

Our policies Gap insurance policies have been independently rated and verified 5 stars for the last 5 years running

Policies Covered by Financial Ombudsman Service

All of our Gap Insurance policies and supplementary policies are covered in the Financial Ombudsman Service (T&C's Apply)

Safe and Secure Online Security

Our systems are independently tstress tested, scanned and monitored to protect our and your online security.

What makes GAP Insurance from Total Loss Gap different?

All Gap Insurance Claims are paid in Cash / Bank Transfer. 

We never replace your vehicle. We do not know what led you to claim your Gap Insurance cover. You might want to rush out and source the exact vehicle again; you may not be able to drive or be here. So, for this reason, we think it is really important that you are given a cash settlement so you can decide how, where, and on what your money is spent.

You can purchase GAP Insurance for up to 5 years for vehicles up to £100,000

We are proud to be one of the very few, if not the only, GAP insurance providers who can cover your vehicle for up to 5 years. This means that, unlike some hybrid levels of GAP Insurance, which change as the years go on, ours will perform the same on day one as it will in 4 years, 11 months, and 28 days. No dilution of cover, no change of terms and conditions. 

Contract Hire Gap Insurance Policies with a selection of Deposit Protections.

We offer more choices. You can choose a standard contract hire policy or protection for your initial rental/deposit. This means that as well as having the benefits of Contract and Lease GAP Insurance we will reimburse you your initial rental as shown on your agreement, You decide what is best for you. (You have the option to increase this to £3000)

No claim limits on GAP Insurance for vehicles up to £75,000

We don't know when and if your vehicle will be written off and we can not guarantee what it will be worth. Equally, we have not got any idea what the cost of any replacement vehicle will cost. We don't think anyone can know with any real degree of certainty. As such we do not have any claim limit for vehicles up to £75,000 for all VRI and RTI GAP Insurance. 


Do you need Motor Excess Insurance?

Motor Excess Insurance is a policy that covers the cost of your motor insurance company's excess.

This means that if your vehicle is damaged or stolen and your motor or car insurance company repairs it and asks you to pay your excess, you can simply claim it back from your policy. (T&Cs apply) 

You can cover from £250 to £1500, lasting 12 months.

Please remember that in order to make a claim, your motor or car insurance company must ask you to pay your excess.

At present this cover is only available for private usage and class-one business. It is not available for taxis, any form of hire and reward or tuition purposes.


GAP Insurance - Is it worth it?

GAP Insurance cover is an optional extra insurance policy, so unlike car insurance, there is no legal obligation to have it.

We are a GAP Insurance provider with hundreds of thousands of Gap Insurance policyholders and customers. We are often told that you can never really know the value of a gap insurance policy until you have had to use it. We completely agree. To be upfront, we hope you click for a gap insurance quote, purchase a policy and never need to use it. However, if you do, it could be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

Please remember that if your car or vehicle is written off, your motor or car insurance company will normally only ever offer you the value of your vehicle on the day it was written off. This could mean that your motor or car insurance company's settlement is considerably lower than the original purchase price you paid, and what happens if it is not enough to clear any outstanding finance? For some people, the thought of having to write a cheque to clear any outstanding finance or even to replace a car when and if their current car or van is written off is a mere drop in the ocean. 

For the vast majority of us, it is not, and the financial implications can be crippling. In the first eight months of 2022, our claims teams have already processed £305,346 in GAP Insurance claims alone, the biggest of which was £39,990.

So, is GAP Insurance worth it? 

Gap insurance premiums start from under £79 for a three-year policy, but as always, your own risk if you don't have coverage.

Common GAP Insurance Exclusions

While we genuinely consider our policies to be the most all-inclusive in the market today, there will be times when we can not cover you.

1. We can not cover vehicles not listed in the Glass's Guide

2. We Can not cover vehicles used for Racing or Ralley purposes.

3. We can not cover you if your own motor or car insurance company does not think that the reason that your vehicle was written off is not a valid claim. 

4. We can not cover vehicles that have already been written off.

5. We can not cover you if your vehicle was not roadworthy, taxed, and fully comprehensively insured when the incident that led you to make a claim happened.

6. We can not cover you if your vehicle was over eight years of age and had more than 80,000 miles on the clock on the day you purchased your policy.

Please see your Gap Insurance policy documents for a full list of terms and conditions. 

Please remember that we have a panel of underwriters, so if our automated system can not provide a quotation, we may still be able to offer cover. So why not contact a team member on 0800 195 4926 or send us a contact request and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, as of May 2024, we do not offer any form of negative equity Gap Insurance.

Why not take a look at our different types of Gap Insurance.

Contract & Lease Hire Gap insurance

Combined Return to Invoice Gap

Vehicle Replacement Insurance

Smart Care Insurance

Tyre Insurance

Excess Insurance

Complete Wheel Insurance

Alloy Wheel insurance

Scratch and Dent Insurance

Run Flat Tyre Insurance

Where should you purchase your Guaranteed Asset Protection policy from?

You have many choices about where to buy your gap Insurance policy, so why should you choose Total Loss Gap Insurance?

There are many different types of Gap Insurance. There are also many ways to buy your gap insurance, so which one is best for you, and why should you choose Total Loss Gap?

Do you buy Gap Insurance directly from your dealership?

Did you know that when you buy Gap Insurance directly from your dealership, you may have a much more limited selection of policies, as most dealerships will have one or two Gap insurance policies at best to offer and often at shorter lengths of cover? You will also have to pay a higher rate of IPT. (Insurance Premium Tax).

This is because the organization from which you are buying your vehicle can affect its purchase price and, therefore, how much VAT HMRC is paid.


Could you buy your Gap insurance policy from a Comparison Website?

It is true comparison sites can offer amazing prices and we all know that the price you pay for your Gap Insurance policy must be considered. However, you may find that tiny variations in terms and conditions can leave you out of pocket in case of a claim, so always read the documents before you buy.

Some providers offer watered-down versions of their cover and remove some key features to reduce costs and appear less expensive.


You could buy a GAP Policy from another online provider.

Some Gap insurance providers have limited access to policies, which means that they may only offer one type of policy from one specific underwriter. In an ideal world, this would be fine, but experience shows us that one size does not fit all.

What if you don't quite fit their standard terms or conditions? If you are only offered one policy, how do you know it is the best value for money?


You could buy Gap insurance from your finance provider.

This can often be just a basic form of finance gap insurance. While it may be attractive to think that if the worst happened, you would not be left paying for a vehicle you no longer have. However, you could be walking away from thousands and, in some cases, tens of thousands of pounds in case of a claim.

At Total Loss Gap, if you have the legal right to take ownership of your vehicle at the end of your finance agreement, we never offer this basic form of cover as we think it is not suitable. 

When would you not need a gap insurance policy?

We are a Gap Insurance Provider, so naturally, we think protecting yourself with a gap insurance policy is a worthwhile way of protecting yourself against the financial risk of your vehicle being written off. We see first-hand the financial benefits when gap insurance policyholders' vehicles have been written off.

So when would you not need a gap insurance policy?

1. If you are fortunate enough to have enough savings or financial backing, you don't worry about paying off finance agreements or being able to top up any shortfall to buy another vehicle.

2. If you have bought a new vehicle, have a new one for old clause within the terms of your motor insurance policy and are happy with any terms they have. Remember that this is normally only for the first twelve months, after which time, without a gap insurance policy, you could be left without cover.

3. If you have paid cash for your vehicle and are happy to take any financial risk yourself.

4. If you use your vehicle for any courier or delivery purposes.

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