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Does Total Loss Offer the Best Gap Insurance Quote?


There are many different gap insurance providers, all advertising that their policy is the best.

  • The best cover
  • The best price 
  • The best terms and conditions.


They can not all be right, can they? 


Is it the gap insurance provider who pays for affiliations with big names, the provider who offers the lowest cost, or the gap insurance supplier who provides a more affordable way to pay?


Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.


Gap Insurance brokers will negotiate with their underwriters to get the best terms and conditions that they think their policyholders will see value in.


For example, getting the option to buy a Gap Insurance policy for up to 180 days after you have taken delivery of your vehicle, we consider a better, more valuable option that, for example, having unlimited European cover.


However, not all gap insurance providers will agree. Although policies may look very similar, there can be minor differences in the terms and conditions, affecting how your claim is handled and, subsequently, how much you are paid.


Equally, different underwriters will have different views on what they consider a high risk, a risk worth taking or a low risk.


Please remember that insurance is all about risk. For the underwriters, the question is how likely are you to have your vehicle written off, and if it happens, how large or small will your claim be? How much will it cost them to settle your claim?


So, for example, we think it is more critical to offer cover for vehicles up to £75,000 with our auto-generated quotation system to help reduce costs rather than offer cover for cars over that price. Conversely, anyone with a vehicle over £75,000 will require a personalised quotation.


Carrying out extra due diligence means we can help reduce the risk by not accepting cover for vehicles that are not eligible and, therefore, help to keep costs down. 


So, who offers the best Gap Insurance quote?


It will depend on what is important to you, what level of coverage you want and what terms are important to you. 


Our no-fuss, straightforward policies will cover most customers, so why not click for an automated quotation and see just how simple and affordable Total Loss Gap Insurance can be?