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What is a "Wear and Tear Deduction" on a Tyre Insurance Policy?

A Tyre Insurance has no wear and tear deduction!

Tyre Insurance is an insurance policy designed to protect you against the cost of having to repair or replace a tyre should you have a puncture or a blow out.

Lots of companies can provide tyre insurance and to the un-trained eye, one may seem very similar to the other, however tiny differences in wording can make a massive difference to how your claim is settled and how your policy performs. A significant term and one which can have a huge impact on the amount that you are paid is a wear and tear deduction.

This is a term which means that when you make a tyre insurance claim, the company involved can make a deduction for the amount of wear you already have on your tyre. The average new tyre will be fitted with approximately eight millimeters of tyre depth. As you use the tyre the amount of tyre depth you have will wear down. This is perfectly normal and a natural part of motoring. As the tyre tread depth is so important in terms of grip and protection, there is a legal limit of 1.6 mm. At this point your tyre is no longer road legal and you will have to replace your tyre. 

Some Tyre Insurance providers will look at how much wear you have on the tyre when it needs replacing and adjust the amount that they pay. For example and please remember that this is for illustration purposes only;

  • if the tyre was 50% worn then some companies would only pay 50% towards the cost of a new tyre.
  • 60% worn they would only pay 40% etc etc.

This means that potentially, you could still end up having to pay a substantial amount towards the cost of a new tyre. At Total Loss Gap you will be pleased to know that we DO NOT charge any wear and tear deductions.

This means that providing your tyre has more than 2mm of tyre depth across the full width of the tyre and subject to standard terms and conditions it would be replaced with a new tyre up to the maximum of £350.00 with absolutely no wear and tear deduction. The only amount that you would have to pay would be your £10.00 excess. If you would like to find out more on what happens when you make a Tyre Insurance claim, click here. Alternatively, if you would like to compare a Tyre Insurance policy, please click here.

What is a "Wear and Tear Deduction" on a Tyre Insurance Policy, don't worry when you buy a Tyre Insurance policy we don't have one.