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As the technology within the structure of a tyre advances, the cost to replace them increases accordingly. With the likes of Run Flat tyres, should you incur a puncture, rather than having the tyre repaired for a price of in and around £20, instead you are forced to replace the tyre as it's no longer repairable. This comes at a cost. However, this is where Tyre Insurance can protect you from the unexpected cost of having a tyre repaired or replaced, but not all policies are the same. Below, we will describe the features and benefits of purchasing a Tyre Insurance policy from and what features to compare when considering purchasing a form of tyre protection.


Tyre Insurance Key Features to Compare


Maximum number of claims

With a Tyre Insurance policy, you have the ability to make as many as 4 claims per year and therefore a total of 12 claims over a 3 year term. A standard Tyre Insurance policy usually allows a maximum of 5 claims over the full term of the policy, however, with ourselves you have the ability to make up to 12 claims over a three year term. This gives you a lot more capability in terms of the number of potential claims. Whilst we don't expect you to make 12 claims over a 3 year term, having the ability to make as many 12 claims, gives you that peace of mind.


Run Flat tyres

At, we cover Run Flat tyres. Again, other policies may not have the ability to protect run flat tyres, due to the increased risk of having to pay to replace the tyre, rather than having it repaired. If you do have Run Flat tyres, this doesn't change any feature attached to our policy, you still have the ability to make as many as 12 claims and the replacement contributions and other features still apply.


Replacement contribution

In the event of the tyre not being repairable, this policy will contribute as much as £350 towards the cost of a replacement. As mentioned above, the chances of you needing to replace your tyre is increased slightly if you have run flat tyres fitted to the vehicle. 


Excess to pay per claim

With other policies available online, you may have to pay an excess of say £15 or £25 per claim, however, when making a claim on a Tyre protection policy at there is an excess of just £10 per claim


The above features, are all features that you would expect to find within any form of Tyre Insurance, a limit on the number of claims, a maximum replacement cost, if they do offer a replacement cost that is. Some policies may not have an excess for you to pay in the event of a claim, but be sure to double check all other features to ensure that it's the most comprehensive option for you.


Other key features for you to compare

As a perk of taking a Tyre Insurance policy with, should your vehicle need recovering as part of a valid claim, you can claim upto £35.00 in VAT towards the recovery costs. There is a maximum puncture repair limit of £50.00 attached to this policy, although we expect £50.00 to be more than enough to cover the cost of a puncture repair, we have to highlight that the limit is there.


Due to the increased number of claims and the replacement contribution, we expect to be amongst the most comprehensive options for you to choose from. Whilst what happens when you make a claim and the policy features included, are the most important part of any form of insurance, the price you pay also has to be included within your consideration. Because of our buying power and our relationship with the underwriting insurer, we have the ability to not only negotiate the best features, but we also have the ability to negotitate lower rates and therefore, we also expect to be amongst the better priced options for you to consider as well.


Combine Tyre Insurance with Alloy Wheel Insurance?


If you are also considering taking out a form of Alloy Wheel protection as well as Tyre protection, at, you have the ability to combine the two into one all inclusive comprehensive level of cover. You still get all the benefits of taking a Tyre Insurance policy, same number of claims, same excess per claim and replacement costs etc, whilst having the extra ability of the Alloy Wheel Insurance. The Alloy element will have separate features for you to consider, however, like the Tyre, the number of claims and the other abilities included are likely to result in this being a comprehensive choice. The extra benefit in taking the two forms of protection together, is the price. Rather than paying the full price for the two separately, the combined policy is a cost effective option as it should reduce the price by a decent amount.


Why not click for a quotation or contact a member of our award winning customer service team on 0800 195 4926/0151 647 7556 and any member of the team would be more than happy to run through your options and see how Tyre Insurance or Combined Tyre & Alloy Wheel Insurance could help you, should you need it.


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