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We check out the new Porsche 911 for 2016

Images have confirmed what has been speculation for quite some time. Spy shots have emerged online which show a brand new, facelifted version of the 911 from Porsche undergoing some testing before it goes on sale from what is expected to be next year. The car has been spotted completely undisguised on public roads and is shaping up to be something special indeed. If you were however wondering just what changes would be finding their place inside of the revised model, we have the confirmation that both inside and outside of the vehicle will receive some TLC as will the engine to come along with the 911. The pictures revealed the car in Jet Black with the traditional Porsche look that we have known to love. Some new changes made to the bodywork however give it that added boost in freshness and certainly come as a big improvement.


What are the changes brought into play with the new model?

So when we look at these big changes that come into play,one of the main attractions certainly has to be the thin styled LED headlights that operate in the daytime. Underneath this, the front bumper has also been restyled. The last change to be found at the front is added creases to the bonnet of the car which run alongside both left and right sides of the bonnet from the headlights upwards. If we now turn to the opposite end of the car we can find, a redesigned bumper at the back with reshaped air intakes next to it. The exhaust pipes are now located centrally on the snapped image and LED tail lights also are to be found.

Inside of the car it is believed that changes are limited to a new switchgear setup alongside a much larger screen located in the centre console which will operate with the brand new infotainment system finding its way across the Porsche range. An all new steering wheel is the last item expected to be added to the car which shares the same design and styling of the 918 Spyder model.


Brand new engines of the 911

The big change however is that the firm are now going to offer the facelifted version of the car with an all new range of turbocharged engine units. A total of two options will become available with the Carrera and Carrera S receiving a 2.7 litre engine and a three litre setup for the higher powered S setup. These will both come in the form of flat six engine units.


The 911 range has been the flagship range of Porsche on the market since the early sixties and over the years has done battle with the biggest and best including the Audi TT and the XK line-up from Jaguar amongst many many more. With new interior and exterior changes keeping the range fresh aswell as the new engines, the Germany based firm are looking to make the range more successful than ever before.

The Porsche 911

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