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Porsche, Audi or Jaguar who has the better sports car?

We here at Total Loss Gap have a very special post for you today where we take three of the biggest and best selling sports cars on the market and pair them up against each other to see which car provides the best value for money. We have a total of three manufacturers represented in our post today with three separate vehicles which can all be considered to be the flagships cars for their brands. Jaguar, Audi and Porsche are our three brands who will be fighting it out today so to get us underway we introduce the Audi R8.


The Audi R8 has broken so many records when it comes to delivering a special powerful and up to date driving experience. It was one of the first vehicles to use laser light technology in the LMX model and the company are now ready for the launch of the second generation model. The R8 represents a sports car at its finest with over four different variants on the market with all giving something a little different. All engines in across the range are quattro units with 4.2 and 5.2 litre engines on offer. Heated front seating and bucket seats aswell as sports seating are all offered for the cabin in the R8 varying on the version bought. Electronic climate control,scuff plates and hill hold assistance are all some great features on offer. The power is where the car rivals Porsche and Jaguar though. The car can hit between 201 and 205 miles per hour depending on which engine size you choose. Therefore certainly putting it in the same league as its rivals.


Contestant number two.. the Jaguar F Type

A big rival for the R8 comes from British firm Jaguar in the form of the F Type. First developed in 2013, the F Type has become one of the quickest rise to fame vehicles that the firm has ever produced. The car originally began as a concept vehicle in 2011 and has since been offered in both convertible and coupe forms. In terms of looks we would go more for the convertible although the Coupe does also have an amazing look to it. Again though as far as rivalling the Audi R8 is concerned, it is the cars power that takes a bow. A full range of supercharged engines are offered across the range with two three litre units on offer and one five litre setup. Power rises from 340 bhp for the entry level model with the top range power kicking out at 550bhp. Offering more choice for the driver is also manual or automatic transmission systems too and the car runs on Jaguar's all wheel drive platform. The F type also makes use of aluminium bodywork which helps the car to glide at a much quicker rate. Some of the big highlights technology and comfort wise include leather stitched sports seats,a multi functioning steering wheel,a built in sat nav system displayed by an eight inch touchscreen as standard, climate control and smartphone connectivity via the brands In Control system. Prices begin at £58,500 for entry level F Type models.


Last but not least.. the Porsche 911

The 911 range is the most prestigious of our listing here today with production of the model being consecutively completed since the early sixties. The 911 was also responsible for the birth of the Carrera range too. The 911 is perhaps Porsche's biggest range along side the Macan and the Panamera but why has it proven to be the ideal sports car to so many buyers around the world?. Showing the history of the car, over twenty different variations of the 911 are now on sale around the world. The GT3 RS model headlines the charts. When you look at its rivals the R8 and the F Type Porsche may rely on the GT3 RS for its top contender. With a PDK engine system giving out 500 brake horse power, it is not hard to see why. The GT3 RS just hits just under the R8 in terms of top speeds with 193mph being the overall result. Pair this up to the PDK transmission system aswell and we see a car that is more than capable of being one of the best sports cars the world has ever seen. A sports exhaust system,a multi functioning steering wheel and bucket style racing seats also help the GT3 RS make an impact.


Our overall verdict on all three cars is that each one has their own special attraction without a doubt. It can be tough to pick out the best of the three as all offer something a little different. All three have proven to be three of our favourites over the years but the 911 is the model that mainly stands out in our mind due to the long and prestigious history behind it. That is not to take anything away from the R8 and F Type though as these both offer an exciting driving expedience also and are both sports cars that are destined to withstand the tests of time.


When we think of some of the best sports car brands on the market though, there are so many possibilities with BMW coming into play with their M range and of course the Range Rover Sport SVR also produced by Jaguar - Land Rover. What is your favourite sports car though?. Let us know which vehicle you prefer.  

The Porsche 911

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