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A review of the Jaguar XK

Our car of choice today as we bring another car review to you is the popular XK model from British car maker, Jaguar-Land Rover. This vehicle is known for being one of the smoothest driving experiences that the brand have to offer and it also benefits some of the very best in comfort and technology also. The Jaguar XK offers a little for something for everyone whether you're looking for a powerful driving experience, a smooth runner or a lot of comfort. Jaguar offer the XK in two different styles, these are both coupe and convertible models. Much like we will see on the forthcoming XF model too, the brand also bring some unique body sculpturing to the car which enables it to perform more efficiently and it gives it more of an agile driving performance. So just how does the car perform in order to make use of these features?.


Engine line up and extra equipment for the Jaguar XK

Jaguar offer the XK range with a total of three engines. All of which carry five litres of fuel. The engines are supercharged when it comes to the XKR and XKR-S models. All engines also come in a V8 engine size. These engines are helped to perform more efficiently by pairing up with a six speed, automatic transmission system. Speaking of the performance of the car, the vehicle is fitted with electronic dampers which allow the car to adjust the suspension system depending on the road surface that the vehicle is travelling on in order to make the XK the smoothest driving experience possible. All of this power and performance really starts to mean something when we look at just how lightweight this vehicle really is due to the aluminium architecture that it uses for the body design.



Inside of the car packs a comfortable experience with full leather seating and a leather dashboard and glove box to match. A multi functioning steering wheel and a built in sat nav system also gives the technology in the car a big boost also. Regarding some of the other technology that is offered across the XK range, we can see that the likes of Bluetooth connectivity, climate control and a seven inch touchscreen are all loaded into the car designed by Jaguar-Land Rover.


Rival competition for the Jaguar XK

So when we look at the vehicles that go up against this XK model, we have to focus our attention on the likes of the 5 Series range from BMW and the R8 from Audi. Prices for the XK range begin at £65,000 and the most you can expect to pay for this car stands at £103,000.

The Jaguar XK

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