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The new Renault Laguna on the way next year

Latest reports are suggesting that Renault are going to launch their brand new addition to their Laguna range from around the beginning of next year. Today we have more on the brand new model as we learn about the new design structure that the firm have taken with the new model and some new changes that are going to be found inside of the car also. New images have been uploaded online which reveals just what the new cabin is going to look like and it looks to be the most luxurious and executive finish that the Laguna has ever seen before. From the pictures of the car that we have seen, it is clear that the firm have taken some styling directions and technology direction from other firms on the market and there is no better example than the interior cabin taking a page out of Tesla's book.


What can you expect to find inside of the new Laguna?

The uploaded images reveal that Renault have now fitted in a new colour tablet screen into the centre console which has Tesla written all over it. If you have been inside or seen inside a Model S before, then you know what we mean. A Black leather interior with chrome finishing around the air vents and gearstick aswell as the steering wheel looks very neat. We expect that the use of a multi functioning steering wheel would also come into play but this remains unconfirmed for the moment as this was an area that was under some disguise. It is still however very much early days for the new addition to the companies Saloon range and no confirmation of it being sold on the UK market has been given as of yet.


What competition will the Laguna face?

The Laguna has been one of the most attractive saloon vehicles on the market for many years and it has seen off some fierce competition from the likes of the Mondeo from Ford and the Vauxhall Astra. The new model is expected to be their biggest and best yet and with the new Astra going on sale this year, this rivalry could very well continue to grow. The new Laguna is expected to be revealed to the world officially near the end of this year with an on sale date expected to be announced for next year.  

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