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Does the Vauxhall Astra still carry some great value for money?

The Astra, it is one of the most successful vehicles that the Vauxhall brand has ever produced and it remains just as popular today as it was back in 1979. We have since seen six different generations of the vehicle with the seventh generation model expected to be displayed for the very first time in June this year. After which the reveal of a new sporty hot hatch version of the car is expected to be revealed in the form of the recently spied Gsi model. When we think of some of the firms best selling cars of all time, the Astra certainly springs to mind alongside the likes of the Corsa and Insignia. So today we have a very special review of the vehicle as we take a look at what special features the car has to offer you and why you should seriously think about spending money on this particular car.


What is it that makes the Astra something worth thinking about?

So when we look at the current range on the market,the Astra is now offered in two forms which includes the standard hatchback model and the Sports Tourer model. Both offer a great driving experience for the buyer with the Sports Tourer measuring longer in length therefore offering more interior space for both the driver and the passengers. Vauxhall also take some pride in offering some of the most efficient engines in their range with the Astra family. Both petrol and diesel engines are offered with the standard Astra and in order to help bring more interest to the range, we see that stop start technology is also brought into play. Vauxhall also offer an Ecoflex engine setup which helps to cut back on C02 emissions.

The latest Astra carries one of the sharpest looking designs that Vauxhall have to offer with swept back headlights that also benefit from daytime running lights also. The car is also offered in multiple colour options and the chrome trimming on the front grille stands out very well with any paint work option. Casting attention inside of the car and you can find leather seating aswell as a chrome surrounded centre console with a multi functioning steering wheel to match.


Technology and pricing of the Vauxhall Astra

Technology is of the highest standard for this range as we see that a sat nav comes along with the car aswell as CD player. The car also has an option to connect with your smart phone which allows the driver to use certain functions of their phone via the cars infotainment system much in the same way you can find with the Ford Connect system.

Overall, the Astra really is a great vehicle that remains as popular today as it was when it first launched. Prices are also very reasonable for the vehicle to with a figure starting at £15,445 with figures rising to £24,260. This car has helped the brand to make a big name for themselves in the automotive industry and with the revealing of the next generation model to take place from next month, we are looking forward to seeing just how much more success Vauxhall can achieve with this new model.

The Vauxhall Astra

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