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The Vauxhall Adam a city car to capture your heart

Over the years Vauxhall have already demonstrated their desire to provide car fans around the world with the perfect city car available. We have also seen them demonstrate just how good at it they are with the launches of the Corsa and the Viva. Another vehicle which has captured the hearts of many though is the Adam and all for good reason. In our opinion, the Adam is one of the most exciting vehicles on sale right now. One of the big reasons we find the car exciting is due to the amount of customisable options you have. The Adam is a vehicle that can be designed in the perfect way that you would like it. Anything from paint work to equipment and even added technology are all fully customisable to suit your needs. Vauxhall also offer the Adam in a range of different styles with one of the latest additions into the range being the Grand Slam. Today however with our review, we have picked out some of the very best options that the Adam has to offer and see how they help to give the Adam a strong place on the UK car market.


Customising the Adam to suit your needs

First of all with a look underneath the bonnet, the standard Adam range is offered with all petrol engines right the way around. There are three of these to choose from one of which is also turbocharged and would be the one litre i3 unit. Both a 1.2 litre and a 1.4 litre selection are also available. Now onto the more exciting highlights.


Vauxhall are very unique when it comes to equipment and materials. Rather than having standard trim levels with equipment designated, you as the buyer choose which equipment you want in your car. You firstly have the choice of which colour you want both the inside and outside of your car. The materials inside of the car are also your choice. Both leather and fabric cloth can be chosen for the seating with door inserts and dashboard decoration available to suit your needs. You can even decide on the brake and accelerator designs for the pedals and the colour of your three spoke steering wheel too. The steering wheel is also multi functional and a digital radio,CD player and a five speaker sound system are all items which come along as standard. You can however throw in a seven inch touchscreen with the companies Intellink system which can also link up to your smartphone to control different apps and streaming features. For these features you can expect to pay an extra £275. Climate control, stop- start engine technology and parking assistance all also help to bring more fierce competition to other cars in the same segment such as the Ford Fiesta and the Renault Clio.


How much does the Vauxhall Adam range sell for?

So with some excellent features that help the Adam to stand out,a reasonable price is something that would also need to run along side the vehicle. A figure of £11,255 gets the range underway with entry level models but you can expect prices to rise depending on which options you choose to include for your perfect vehicle. Overall the Adam is a great little car that when it comes to getting from A to B and offering some great standout features ticks every box for us and is definitely a vehicle worth purchasing.  

The Vauxhall Adam

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