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The new Audi A4 Avant at first glance

Production of the new Audi A4 Avant model has officially gotten underway and we now know that the car will make its grand debut under the bright lights of the Frankfurt Motor Show from this coming September. There has been a lot of wondering as to what new features we can expect to see coming along with the new addition to the range but today this information is a little clearer and we now have a better understanding of what were dealing with when it comes to this new A4 model that is to go on sale early on into the course of next year. The A4 Avant will come in the form of another estate model which will have the likes of the 3 Series from BMW in its sights when it comes to hunting down the competition on the road. The brand have also focused a lot of time and attention on the internal workings of the vehicle in order to help the A4 Avant deliver one of the most exciting and memorable driving experiences to date.


What work has been done to the next A4 Avant?

As we are only early on into the life of the car, engines have not yet been announced by its designers but we expect the same engine units to carry over from the standard A4 which would mean turbocharged both petrol and diesel engine units. It has been announced that both leg and headroom have been significantly improved in order to bring more space for passengers. Space inside of the boot is also said to be vastly improved thanks to these expansions. The big news though is that the brand new MLB driving platform will officially find its place inside of the car and will be made from materials such as aluminium and steel in order to deliver upon the most comfortable and responsive driving experience that money can buy. This will also result in weight reduction which is a prime focus for Audi to make the car even more efficient.


How much is the A4 Avant going to cost?

Information regarding the price tag to come along with the new car has not been announced by its creators as of yet and we don't expect to hear anything on this until closer to the time of its debut this September or just afterwards. It could be expected though that a price around the mid twenty thousand range could be revealed with prices climbing as high as £40,000 depending on which trim levels are revealed for the car.  

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