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What makes the BMW 3 Series worthy of your cash?

If you are looking for a brand new vehicle to spend your money on and the BMW brand take your fancy. There are a lot of models to choose from in the companies line up depending on which segment you are looking into. However, if a comfortable executive style model is more your cup of tea then the 3 Series range could be just the ticket. The brand offer the 3 Series in five different versions which include the saloon starting of the range ending with a special hybrid model. The 3 Series offers one of the highest comfort levels that you can expect to find inside of a vehicle from BMW and a good engine selection is also on the cars with this particular range. Our post today is outlining some of the very best features that are offered amongst the range in hopes of helping you decide which particular model could be best for you.


Which 3 Series model should you go for and why?

Both six and four cylinder diesel engines are offered amongst the range as are the petrols in both four and six cylinder form too. All of which prove to be economical and efficient. These models are also offered on an all wheel drive platform which makes the handling and stability of the range much better and suited more to the drivers needs. Amongst the range there is some exceptional equipment offered with the likes of cruise control, a 6.5 inch centre screen and Bluetooth connectivity offered with the saloon entry level model. The Touring model uses these highlights but also adds in automatic rear lighting too. The Gran Turismo model is offered with all of these features plus an emergency call button which alerts roadside assistance if there are any problems with your car whilst out and about or you break down. The big model in the range is the highest trim level offering the 3 Series in hybrid form. With this model, the screen size has increased to now measure 8.8 inches in total. A lane departure warning system,parking assistance and adaptive headlights also come along as a part of the package. The Active hybrid model is powered by a turbocharged petrol engine which is of course paired up to an electric motor.


What prices do these ranges begin from?

As we mentioned previously, there are of course multiple vehicles you can spend your money on when it comes to the BMW range. We have the likes of the X range which boasts some great models such as the X4 and the X3. There is the 2 Series and of course the 6 Series. In our minds, the 3 Series offers some of the very best features included with a BMW range and the prices are very reasonable also. Saloon entry level models kick off from £24,255. The 3 Series Touring models are just over £1,000 more expensive with other prices spreading to £29,9025 for the Gran Turismo model and £33,295 for the X3. The Active hybrid 3 is the most expensive in the range which costs from £42,145.  

The BMW 3 Series

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