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Our best look yet at the new C Class Mercedes model

In Germany this coming September, Mercedes Benz are expected to reveal their brand new C Class model which will go on sale shortly after nearer the end of this year. However after hearing more and more about some new changes that were going to be brought to the vehicle for the new model, we have now seen our clearest image yet of the brand new model which outlines some of the big changes that will be coming along with the car. Mercedes know that the C Class is one of their most popular vehicle ranges on offer right now and with more than twenty years of success for the range, the brand will be looking to make it even more exciting than ever before.


How do Mercedes plan to appeal to more customers with the C Class?

So one of the big areas that the brand have focused on is changes made to the body work design of the car. One of the first things we noticed from the design is that the headlights have been designed much more swept back and the bonnet has been made just a little more sloping. Speaking of sloping, this is something that the roofline of the car does exceptionally well. This blends in smoothly to the back window. However the images of the car revealed that a lot of bodywork disguise was used at the rear end of the car which hints that some changes such as tail light design and revised back bumpers could also very much be on the cards. Engines have not been announced as of yet however, turbocharged engines in both petrol and diesel forms are expected to be revealed for the car much like those used in the current C Class model.


The likes of the 3 Series from BMW and the Jaguar XE are considered to be two of the top sources of competition for the current C Class model aswell as the Audi A4. When this new model goes on sale later this year, we expect this to remain very much the case and it could however prove to be that added advantage for the C Class when it comes to being one of the best executive style cars amongst this group.


Is the price of the car expected to rise?

With big changes being made to the design of the car and the always possible addition of a new hybrid powertrain to be brought into the mix, we expect the cost of the new C Class to rise quite a bit but for the moment, Mercedes Benz have not said by how much. This news is not set in stone regarding the price tag but were sure we will have a clearer understanding on the matter closer to its grand debut.  

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