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Future technology for Volvo and Volkswagen-Audi A3 Ultra

Volvo have confirmed that from the end of next month, Volvo drivers will be able to control certain functions of their vehicle via the use of their smart watch. Volvo have said that the new technology will run with the Android wear smart watches aswell as Apple watches and will operate in the similar way that their On Call app does which is available for mobile phones. Volvo also announced that owners of a Windows phone can also link up the system which allows the driver to control functions of the car via the 'Cortana' voice recognition software on the phone. Along with this news came the news of what things the smart watch app will be able to do which includes locking and unlocking their doors on the car, controlling the heaters in the car and even finding the car on a tracker if for instance the vehicle is parked in a car park and cannot be found. The new software will roll out from June and could very well be a step into the future for the Swedish firm.


All new technology for the next Volkswagen Golf model

Volkswagen will be launching a new facelifted version of their Golf model from next year and this week some information has been revealed which shows that new technology will be featured in the next instalment to the franchise. Gesture control technology is confirmed to make its way to the car which means that settings such as air conditioning in the car, radio controls and the opening and closing of the sunroof are operated by gesture signals. Sensors inside of the car will make this possible with five of them located inside. It is believed that this has been done for two main reasons, one is to carry Volkswagen into the next generation of technology and two is to make the dashboard a little neater by reducing the need for as many buttons inside of the car. This is the same technology that was originally revealed in the concept version of the car and we can expect to see this new Golf arrive late on into the course of 2016.


Updates for the Audi A3 Ultra

Audi have confirmed some all new updates for their A3 model which will come in the form of an all new Ultra engine which will help to result in lower C02 emissions for the car overall and also bring in some other improvements. The same 1.6 litre engine selection is still on offer with the car but now C02 emissions are reduced down to 89g/km at the lowest. Audi also confirmed some changes regarding what items come along with the car. One of the big ones is that the spare wheel has now been replaced by a tyre inflation kit which consists of gel for the tyre which allows it to continue running for a period of time. The ultra models also don't receive that panoramic glass sunroof offered with other A3 models. The brand confirmed that the new cars will go on sale from this coming August with prices getting underway at £20,865.  

The Audi A3

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