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The brand new Volvo XC90 to change the SUV segment

There is a high possibility that you may have heard the news regarding the brand new Volvo XC90. The all new SUV model from the Swedish brand will make its way to the market this year and is looking to change the face of the SUV industry forever. This could very well be one of the most anticipated Sports Utility Vehicles of the year and today we have a look into how the car is looking so far and the success that the model has achieved already.


Day one editions of the car went on sale mid way though last year for customers to receive their vehicle earlier than the standard launch. All units of the Day One models completely sold out in just forty eight hours. The new XC90 will focus on both luxury and power and will look to take on some of the biggest contenders in the range with the likes of the Q series from Audi coming into play as a strong candidate.Blue Volvo XC90 at Total Loss Gap



How do Volvo look to make an impact with the XC90?

So Volvo will be looking for that big leverage boost over its competition this year and from power alone it can stand a very good chance. The car has been equipped with the fitting of a choice of either petrol or diesel engines as a part of the new Drive E range from the Swedish manufacturer. All of these units will carry the capacity of two litres and will contain four cylinders. The two big choices are to be the T6 petrol and the D4 diesel. The T6 is both super and turbo charged and the diesel will see an output of 187bhp for the D4. A D5 diesel will also be up for grabs producing 222 horse power. The option of a plug in hybrid will also be on offer matching the petrol engine to an electric motor with 390 bhp the overall result produced.


The car will feature new designs such as LED headlight technology and the front grille is also surrounded by chrome trimmings. It Is the luxury of the car where we think its true potential rests though. All leather seating in a Tan Brown colour is to be found aswell as a three spoke, multi functioning steering wheel. A brand new touch screen found inside the centre console and chrome inserts around the door handles and air conditioning aswell as the gearstick are also to be found.


How much do Volvo XC90 prices start from?

The orders books for the brand new model are now open and can be ordered from your local Volvo dealership. In regards to how much the new XC90 will cost you, expect to find the cheapest price on one of these cars coming in at £45,550. Top of the range XC90 vehicles start from £49,950.  

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