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Why is the Volkswagen Golf such a good selling car?

When we look at some of the most recognisable and popular vehicles from a range of manufacturers we can easily link the likes of the Fiesta to Ford, the Clio to Renault, and of course the Corsa to Vauxhall.


One of the big vehicles that have been a great seller though is the Golf range which is produced by Volkswagen. Today we have a special preview of the current Golf range which has been dominating the car market for many years. The Golf is known for being a great smooth running car that does the job when it comes to getting from A to B. A good range of engines and added equipment depending on which trim level you spend your money on also come into play when it comes to providing a great car. A good range of engines including the brands Bluemotion technology is also available right across the entire range. The Golf is one of the brands' long-standing ranges with being offered from 1974 and now seven generations down the line. What specialties does the Golf range have though which should seriously make you think about spending money on a new car?.


The special attractions of the Volkswagen Golf


So regarding some of the features to come along with the car, power and performance-wise the firm offers the car with a range of TSI petrol and TDI diesel engines. BlueMotion technology is also brought into the mix. 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6 diesel and petrol engines are offered with entry-level S models which includes standard equipment such as Bluetooth and stability control. The next trim in the live up is the 'Match'. A range of 1.4, 1.6, and two litre diesel and petrol setups are available. Both five and six-speed manual gearboxes are available with this range but customers can also opt into a six-speed DSG or a seven-speed DSG depending on the engine that they have chosen. Fog lights, Front and back parking sensors, adaptive cruise control, and sixteen-inch alloy wheels add some excitement to the range.


However if you make your way to the other end of the line with the top two trim levels coming into play being the GT and R Line models, Bluemotion petrol and diesel engines, alloy wheels, and ambient lighting inside of the car also feature. Range-topping models however carry some great components such as R line front and back bumpers,a rear diffuser, and spoiler as well as new side skirting too. LED lighting, Sports seating, and ABS all feature is standard across the entire range. Therefore the Golf offers some great value for money as far as equipment is concerned and with items like these as well as much more, it is no surprise that the Golf is still one of the Volkswagens' best sellers to this day.


The rival competition that the Golf faces?

There is an ongoing list of vehicles that provide much competition for the Golf range and in the past, we have seen the likes of the Fiesta, the Honda Civic, and the DS range provide a challenge. Prices for the Golf range come in from £17,175 for entry-level models. Prices continue to rise depending on which trim level you buy and optional extras but the range-topping R Line models begin from £24,190.  

The Volkswagen Golf

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