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Do BMW get it right with the X3 suv?

The X range is a division from BMW which has really taken off over the past number of years. We have seen some excellent additions enter the market including the likes of the X5,X1,X4 and X6. All of these models make up for the companies suv and some estate division models. One vehicle we left of that list though is the model that we are reviewing today and you may have gathered by now that the X3 is our car of choice today. The X3 is more the mid sized suv model in the range but with some features that the German firm have included with the car, we certainly think that the brand do the job right when it comes down to producing a nice, smooth running and generous suv. With some of the latest in the firms equipment range being offered aswell as good engine selections, we can see why the X3 is a loved vehicle by many fans all around the world. When we think of suv models, there is plenty to choose from out there right now. The list of suv models is on going with the likes of the Qashqai, the Rav4 from Toyota and the Nissan Juke all making up for some of the biggest sales in the range. So what does BMW do in order to combat these vehicles and bring the fight to them in the suv division?.


Our favourite features of the BMW X3

So when we look at some of the big selling points to come along with this particular model, our first port of call is the engine range. If you are a fan of diesel engines then this car could be for you. Sadly there is no petrol units on offer with the X3 but there are two diesel setups available one comes with a single turbocharger whereas your alternative choice comes with a twin turbocharged setup. The engines come in the form of both a three litre and two litre capacity. BMW do make history with the two litre model though by offering it in rear wheel drive. The X3 however is one of the most fuel efficient models in the entire X range as we see it return 55.4mpg for the three litre setup and emits just 135g/km of C02 emissions. The 2.0 engine is even better by producing 149g/km C02 emissions and returning 50.4mpg.


BMW also kit the car out with some of their very best in technology by giving out some excellent features such as the parking sensors, full leather seating and the brands 'iDrive' system. These kind of features help to serve the X3 well especially when we take into account that the new luxury XC90 suv from Volvo will launch this year too.


Does the X3 offer good value for money?

BMW offer the X3 from £33,295 for entry level models which are still very generously equipped. £45,695 is what it will cost you for a top of the range X3.Prices like these certainly help it to contend with other premium suv models on the market right now.  

The BMW X3


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