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Car sales continue to rise-A smart suv to launch-Volkswagen Golf GTi Clubsport

It is no secret that suv models are certainly taking over the market and have changed the way in which manufacturers design their vehicles. The demand for these cars has gotten so popular that brands such as Bentley and Rolls Royce have even joined the line up in the same segment. Today though we are hearing of a new suv model which may very well be on the way from Smart. The company are responsible for the likes of the Fortwo and the Forfour. Speaking of the Forfour, a new suv from the company is expected to be based around this model. Nothing has been set in stone and no comment has been made on the future of this vehicle as of yet but if it were to happen, we would expect to see similar three cylinder engines carry over with the car and the same driving technology as the Twingo from Renault to carry the car much in the same way it does with the standard Forfour. No more information has been given out on the car but there is a chance that if there is truth to the news, we may see the car as early as next year in crossover form.


The Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport

This week at the Worthersee car festival, Volkswagen revealed their brand new variation of the Golf which is being marketed under the GTI Clubsport name. At first there was no confirmation of future sales for the model but we now know that the car will go into production from next year. The car has been designed in order to celebrate forty years for the car. One of the big areas that Volkswagen have focused on with the new car is the aero dynamics of the vehicle which have been designed with new larger air intakes and brand new alloy wheel designs. Thrown in a new front bumper and splitter along with the brand new White paint work and the Golf looks more special than ever before. The inside is also an area that has been focused on with new Alcantara leather fittings also being included the firm also stated that when the car goes on sale, bucket style racing seats will also come along with the car as standard. Expect to see a large power output from the car aswell as 261bhp has been announced for the updated engine. Putting it right at the top of the list of the most powerful Gti models on sale. Volkswagen will launch the new Gti Clubsport next year. No pricing information has been revealed as of yet.


Car sales continue to rise in the UK

Sales statistics have been revealed which show the number of new car sales in Britain for the month of April. The results show good news for the car industry in the UK with sales continuing to climb. A figure over 185,000 were reported for the month of April alone which is a huge figure and this makes history for the country as they are the most car sales for that month in decade. It has been confirmed that the majority of these sales were on diesel cars. In regards to which cars shown to be the best sellers overall, we are indeed looking at a list of the usual suspects with the Ford Fiesta going strong in that first place position once again. Narrowly following is the Focus, the Volkswagen Golf and the Corsa from Vauxhall. This is a huge achievement for sales in the UK and we are expecting sales to continue to improve as the rest of the year rolls along.  

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