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Alloy Wheel Insurance from Total Loss Gap

Wednesday 30th August 2017 11:28:02


Total Loss Gap Alloy Wheel Insurance - Why it is better than the rest!


The joys of owning a bright, shiny car can soon be ruined by the sound of a grinding alloy against a kerbstone. Few have ever avoided that horrible sound and the resulting nasty scrape on your alloy wheel.



If you kerb the wheel in this manner, the damage can be both unsightly and have a detrimental effect on the value of your vehicle.



So if you part exchange your vehicle you may get less for it. If you have 'handback' charges for damage costs on a lease, you may end up getting a bill for repair costs.



The argument for Alloy Wheel Insurance becomes and obvious one.



But not all Alloy Wheel Insurance cover is the same........



Why Alloy Wheel Insurance from Total Loss Gap is better than the restalloy wheel insurance total loss gap






Point 1 - Diamond and Laser cut alloys



Getting an alloy wheel repaired might be an easy enough process, or so you may have thought. However, many vehicle manufacturers use the diamond or laser cut finish for their alloys. But, not all repairers are equipped to undertake all repairs.



Repairing an alloy wheel with a diamond cut finish may require a machine lathe process. Mobile wheel repairers may not have access to these machines. This can cause a problem for any insurer looking to cover the cost of such a repair.



Machine lathe finishes can be more complex and costly. This gives a problem to any insurance policy looking to cover them. Many Alloy Wheel Insurance policies in the market simply do not cover you if your wheels are diamond or laser cut.



If you buy alloy wheel insurance without diamond or laser cut cover you might have wasted your money. Why? Well if your wheels are these finishes, and it can be hard to tell, you might never be able to claim.



Even though you could never have claimed, you may not be able to get your money back, or at least most of it. The insurer will point to the policy terms and could argue that you should have told them.


Even if you do get your money back, the issue is that you might not be able to get cover elsewhere. Many Alloy Wheel Insurance policies state you must buy them within 30 days of buying the vehicle. Outside this period, they simply cannot cover you.


This is why it is crucial that you check whether you have diamond or laser cut alloys. If you are not sure then ask your supplying car dealer.



You will have no such issues with Total Loss Gap Alloy Wheel cover ,as we do cover diamond and laser cut finishes.



Point 2 - More options for repair



With many alloy wheel insurance products, the only option for is a mobile repairer. With our policy, we have three options:



  • A mobile repairer - coming to your home, or place of work

  • A unit based repairer - either one we can arrange for the wheel to be couriered or one you nominate locally.

  • If no repair is possible then we can provide up to £150 towards the cost of a replacement alloy wheel.


Having a range of options is important in our view. If your policy only allows for a mobile repairer then this can be restrictive. Even when a mobile repair is possible you can still have a problem if the environment for the repair is not safe. This might happen if you live on a busy road with no driveway to use. A mobile repairer cannot action a repair on a busy road under health and safety grounds.


Having more options really does help!



Point 3 - More claims available



Alloy Wheels are so easy to catch, aren't they? This means you might need to make more claims than you think. Many alloy wheel products in the market only allow for 2 or 3 claims per year. With Total Loss Gap the maximum we can allow is 4 per 12 month period. If you have a three year policy then that is up to 12 claims over than time.



More than enough for most.



So there you have it, three key areas where we feel Total Loss Gap Alloy Wheel cover beats the opposition.



If you want to discuss further please get in touch.






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