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A Guide to Scrappage Schemes in the UK

Tuesday 12th December 2017 13:13:54

A Guide to Scrappage Schemes

Which manufacturers are doing them and what's the best one?


As the demand for a new car in the UK has wavered somewhat, a number of manufacturers have introduced a scrappage scheme designed to encourage you to trade in your car for a brand new or nearly new offering. Cars manufacturered since the early 2000's have been built to be sustainable and to last a lot longer than previous models, that's one of the many reasons manufacturers have introduced the scrappage scheme to encourage you to change.


Ford are still the best selling car manufacturer in the UK and have been for the majority of the last 5 years. However, despite their mass market success in the UK, they have still introduced the scrappage scheme to keep the sales figures going in the right direction. Ford are currently offering £2,000 off a new car if you trade yours in, they are also one of the very few to apply the scrappage in conjunction with any further deals or discounts.


Other brands such as Lexus and Toyota have seen an increase in sales in the UK, following the introduction of their scrappage schemes. Lexus have labelled their scheme as 'make the switch' encouraging you to purchase a new hybrid model and plan for the future. Following the government crackdown on diesel models, hybrid and all electric cars have seen a dramatic increase in sales, whilst the sales of diesel models have struggled.


Mercedes-Benz have tried to combat the decline in diesel model sales by offering a scrappage allowance only applicable when purchasing a new diesel, hybrid or all electric model. Mercedes have confirmed that the initiative has been implemented across Europe with the allowance being as much as £2,000.


Lexus are amongst the front runners in terms of the amount offered as part of the scrappage scheme, with as much as £4,000 being discounted on a brand new NX and RX models. If you choose to 'make the switch' and trade in any petrol or diesel model you could benefit from one of the most generous scrappage allowances. Lexus insist on you having been the owner of the vehicle for over 6 months prior to trading the vehicle in.


Citroen have announced that you could potentially receive an allowance of £6,400 off the price of a C3 Picasso. The C3 Picasso is due to be replaced in the coming months and scrappage allowance will encourage customers to take advantage of the saving despite the model being replaced within the next few months. Citroen have announced an end date on the scrappage scheme of 31st December 2017. DS now separated from the Citroen brand, has been promoting a massive £5,500 allowance against the cost of a brand new DS 5 model.


Renault are the latest to join the scrappage allowance party, announcing potential allowances of up to £5,200 off a new car. Their incentive is available on both cars and vans included within the range. BMW, Mini and Vauxhall are also currently offering a scrappage allowance, so be sure to shop around to find the best deal for you before buying a new car this winter. Please be aware that the scrappage allowance is subject to different terms and conditions such as the age of the vehicle and also you having to have been the owner for a certain amount of time.



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