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Total Loss Gap Insurance for your Land Rover Range Rover 


A Total Loss Gap Insurance policy, or a 'GAP' or Guaranteed Asset protection policy, ensures you will not be financially disadvantaged ( out of pocket ) if your Range Rover is written off. 


Depending upon the age and mileage of your Land Rover, you can choose to protect 

  1. The amount outstanding on your lease or contract hire agreement
  2. The original invoice price you paid
  3. The cash replacement cost of another Range Rover, the same as yours, was on the first day you drove it home. 

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Why not take a moment to click for an instant quote and cover? You'll see how easy and affordable it is to secure peace of mind with Total Loss Gap Insurance for your Land Rover Range Rover. 


When looking for Gap insurance for your Land Rover Range Rover, we must consider the elephant in the room.


Like it or not, another effect of the Range Rover's reputation is its desirability; in a recent study conducted by the RAC, Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles appeared three times in the top ten most stolen cars in 2022 in the United Kingdom. We don't just offer gap insurance for Land Rovers but also for 9-year-old Ford Fiestas and everything in between. As such, we are large enough to spread and absorb any additional protection a Range Rover may pose, and we can also cover vehicles up to £100,000 for up to 5 years. Land Rovers and Land Rover Range Rovers are often listed as excluded from many Gap insurance providers due to their high value, making them more expensive to insure. 


For example ( prices taken from 17th January 2024 ) 

  • The Range Rover Evoque is shown at prices from £40080
  • The Land Rover Discovery Sport is shown at prices from £60540
  • The Land Rover Discovery is shown as prices from £44790
  • The Land Rover Defender 90 is shown at prices from £57540
  • The Range Rover Velar is shown at prices from £54455 
  • The Range Rover Sport is shown as prices from £83620
  • The Range Rover is shown at prices from £103720

Those prices are also before you add any extras. 


Many gap insurance supplies are capped at vehicles up to a certain amount. The most popular being £75000. This means that if you have purchased, for example, a Range Rover Sport, even without any factory options or dealer-fitted accessories, the purchase price would be over the maximum they could offer. 


Does your Gap Insurance cover your Land Rover Range Rover if it is stolen or the accident was your fault?


Yes, and I'm so sorry, but no.


  • However, your Range Rover is stolen.
  • Stolen with the keys or without
  • Whoever is Driving
  • Whoever's fault it is


Whatever the reason for your Range Rover's write-off, we rely on your fully comprehensive insurance company agreeing that you have a valid claim. 


If, for whatever reason, they do not think that you have a valid claim, then your Land Rover may still be written off, but they will not settle as they 

have decided that you do not have a valid claim. We top up your motor insurance company's settlement.


If they don't settle, as you do not have a valid claim, neither will we. E.g


  • You are drunk behind the wheel.
  • Someone not insured by your fully comprehensive insurance had an accident, etc.


Why not click for an automated quotation or call a team member and see how simple peace of mind with a Total loss Gap Insurance for your Land Rover Range Rover really can be?

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What to know more about the British Icon Land Rover, Range Rover.


The Land Rover Range Rover is a luxury SUV primarily designed to provide a more comfortable driving experience than the Land Rover Series models while still maintaining the off-road capabilities that the brand is known for. 


The first-generation Range Rover was produced until 1996 and was replaced by the second-generation model, which was produced until 2002. The third-generation model was produced from 2002 to 2012, while the current fourth-generation model has been in production since 2012.


Over the years, the Range Rover has become known for its luxurious interior, advanced technology features, and unparalleled off-road capabilities. It was the first SUV to feature a permanent four-wheel drive system. 


The British royal family has also used the Range Rover, and it has become a symbol of luxury and prestige.


Today, the Range Rover is still produced by Land Rover, which is now a subsidiary of the Indian automaker Tata Motors. The brand continues to innovate, with recent models featuring advanced driver assistance systems, hybrid powertrains, and even a fully electric version. Despite its evolution over the years, the Range Rover remains one of the most iconic and recognizable SUVs available today.