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Seat vs Honda vs Volkswagen the battle of the hatchbacks

Today we have a very special post for you here at Total Loss Gap as we compare three of the finest and most successful hatchback vehicles on the market right now. Today we have three models from three separate brands and we are going to take a look into the specifications of each individual car including their engine ranges and at the end of today's post we will be trying to determine which is the better hatchback model out of the three. All three of our vehicles have been chosen carefully today and all have provided each other with much competition over the duration of their time on the road. So to get things started the first car on the list today is the Honda Civic range.


The Civic is perhaps one of the most successful car ranges that Honda have ever launched. Honda offer a little something for everyone with this range by also offering the car in Type R hot hatch form which has gone on to be just as successful as the standard range over the years. The Civic has been offered all around the world since 1972 making it one of their longest standing ranges. Nine different generations of the car have gone on sale over the years with our latest lifecycle kicking off in 2011. International car of the year, European car of the year and the best new economy car are some awards that the vehicle has won over the years signifying its popularity on the road. The new 2015 model is offered in five states of trim and gives out some great equipment throughout the range. Sixteen inch alloys, LED daytime running lights,Bluetooth and electric windows are some great equipment offered as standard. As we advance further down the range you can expect to find upgrades such as automatic windscreen wipers, a leather steering wheel, privacy glass, LED headlights and both cruise and climate control. A manual six speed transmission continues to be offered with the Civic range and is paired up to a selection of petrol and diesel engines with the likes of 1.4 and 1.8 litre petrols and 1.4 and 1.6 diesel engines to choose from. Prices begin from £15,975 and head up to £23,935 for the range topping EX Plus model.


The second contender.. the Volkswagen Golf

It goes without saying that the Golf is one of the most popular and well known hatchback models that the world has ever seen. The history of the Golf being the Volkswagen Groups flagship vehicle is unprecedented. Available on the market since 1974, there has been many variations of the car go on sale over the years with the likes of the Golf R and the TDI being included in the mix. It is the standard version of the Golf that contends with both Seat and Honda though so that is the vehicle we are checking out today. Both TSI and Tdi engines are included with the line up and the 1.6 Tdi setup is the standard option for the current range. Volkswagen also make sure to keep the range up to date with some of the best in new technology by throwing in the likes of a DAB digital radio, automatic climate control, lane keeping assistance and alloy wheels which measure eighteen inches in size. All of these features are offered on the SE trim level. An eight inch touchscreen also features on high end trims. Included are also Bluetooth and USB connectivity offered. The Volkswagen Golf is truly an exceptional vehicle that has proven its worth in the hatchback segment over the years and with good reasonable prices kicking the range off from £17,175 it is no surprise that the Golf has been one of the most successful vehicles of all time.


Last but not least.. the Seat Leon

Now our final contender in today's line up comes to us from the guys over at Spanish firm Seat with one of their most successful ranges of all time, the Leon. The Leon is known for offering some of the best in economy, technology,comfort and good all round performance. Thee are multiple versions of the Leon on sale which all offer a little something extra with the likes of SC, ST, X-Perience and five door models also included in the line up. So when we speak of good all around power for the car, we see a 1.2 litre, Tsi petrol setup offered throughout the range but all trim levels offer something a little extra compared to the previous setup. Sixteen inch alloy wheels,a leather steering wheel, front fog lights and ambient lighting inside of the cabin are all offered with the entry level SC model. It is however the X-Perience model that benefits the most from the added equipment. Alloy wheel designs grow in size for this model by one inch now measuring seventeen inches in size. Tinted windows at the back end of the car,sports seating, dual zone climate control,lumbar adjustment support and a leather steering wheel with an Orange stitch design is also included. The outside of the vehicle also benefits from this trim as we see both front and back bumpers receive a special X-Experience design setup. Prices for the Leon range begin from £15,815 for the entry level SC and reaches £28,870 for the X-Perience model.


So we have the Civic vs the Leon vs the Golf. All three of these models are certainly evenly matched but which is the better hatchback?. When we look at sales for the models, the Golf and the Civic are certainly the two most popular out of the three but the Leon is also the Seat brands best seller. Seat however do a wonderful job as do the other companies in offering some of the latest and greatest in new equipment. For hot hatch models Honda would take the lead with the Type R in our opinion with the Golf R also high up in the ranks. Seat also cater to extensive needs with their Leon range too though by offering so many options. All three are popular models that have certainly helped to shape the future of the hatchback segment.

The Seat Leon

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