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The Land Rover Discovery still the best suv of this generation?

The suv segment is the biggest growing and most popular vehicle ranges currently on the market not just on the European market but all around the world also. Over the past number of years the likes of the Nissan Qashqai and the Range Rover range helped put suv models on the map again and ever since this time we have seen some truly wonderful models make their presence felt in the segment. One of the longest standing models in the range though is the Discovery from a brand who specialise in suv models and that is Jaguar-Land Rover. The Discovery has been produced since 1989 and we are currently enjoying the fourth lifecycle for this particular vehicle which was last introduced in 2010. All four generations of the car have gone on to be big sellers for the mass manufacturer but just how has this particular model managed to stay on top of its game throughout this whole time against the amount of competition coming its way in this day and age?.


The highlights that have helped keep the Land Rover Discovery popular

The latest entry into the Discovery range carries some of the best and most recent up to date features and technology. Engine efficiency has also proven to be a good selling point for the car also. The Discovery range achieves great efficiency thanks to a three litre,SDV6 diesel engine paired up to an automatic transmission. 213G/km C02 emissions are returned by the range. There is the use of stop-start technology also included across the range. There is a choice of different trim levels to choose from with the Discovery with SE entry level vehicles also packing some great equipment such as the likes of automatic headlights and a washer system for the headlights. These headlights also use halogen technology. Throw in cruise control and Bluetooth along with USB connectivity and we see a vehicle that manages to keep with the times very well. As you get further down the line of trim levels, we can also find more and more features such as screens in the back of the headrests for the passengers to enjoy. A leather heated steering wheel,a Meridian sound system and both analogue/ digital TV systems are also included inside of the car taking the vehicles luxury to a whole new level. These are all items included with the top of the range models.


How much does this luxury vehicle sell for?

With the Discovery model being one of the more luxurious models and more high tech over other suv additions in the market, you can expect the car to come with a significant price rise over other competition. SE entry level models can be purchased from a starting figure of £41,595. £47,495 comes in for the SE Tech level. HSE vehicles are available from £54,495 and the most you can expect to pay out for a top of the range HSE Luxury model is £59,965. The Discovery is still one of the finest vehicles in the motor world in general not just the suv segment and it is with equipment and engine power like this, that we see the Discovery as still one of the biggest and best selling models of all time put on sale by Jaguar-Land Rover.  

The Land Rover Discovery

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