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The Audi Q3 taking the crossover market to the next level?

When we think of some of the best selling vehicles available on the market today, the likes of the suv segment comes to mind but our focus today is on the crossover market which appears to be gaining a lot more interest as the days go by and tremendous sales prove this. One of the finest crossover models in the range though to come to mind is the Q3 which is brought to us by the minds over at the Audi brand. The Q3 is offered in two different forms which include the Q3 and the RS Q3 which packs more when it comes down to power. It comes with a very reasonable price tag and also packs some of the best in equipment levels too. The model is offered in three different trim levels each adding more equipment than the last. We have the SE entry level range,S Line and S Line Plus models. It is also a vehicle that comes packed with the latest in Quattro engine technology. When we think of the kind of competition that faces the car from the crossover segment the likes of the Kadjar from Renault and the Skoda Yeti crossover come to mind. So what is so special about the Audi Q3 that should have you thinking of making the investment into one of these wonderful cars?.


The special features to come along with the Q3 range

So first and foremost we will begin with a look into the engine range to come along with the standard Q3. A 1.4 TFSI is included and four two litre engines are also included amongst the range. Three of which are available in quattro technology form. Stop start technology also makes the Q3 one of the most efficient vehicles on offer by the company. A leather multi functioning steering wheel,Dual zone climate control and electric windows are all offered as entry level equipment as standard. As we head further down the lines of trim levels available, we see some new additions such as a leather gearstick, LED headlights,high beam assistance,LED tail lights,privacy glass and a metallic paint work scheme.


Casting our attention to the RS Q3 and we see a 2.5 litre quattro engine up for grabs which again comes along paired up to a stop start system. A flat bottomed steering wheel,special RS floor mats,all weather LED headlights with a built in cleaner,a heated windscreen and an RS exhaust system is also found on the RS edition. Throw in some great technology such as a DAB digital radio, a 6.5 inch screen, voice recognition software and a built in sat nav system and you have an Audi carrying some of the biggest and brightest in in car entertainment too.


How much can you expect to pay out for a Q3?

So regarding how much you will be looking at spending on an Audi Q3, entry level standard models begin with a price tag of £25,380 upwards depending on which trim level you decide to spend your money on. RS Q3 models however do carry a significant price rise, with figures coming in at £45,540 for this performance designed addition.  

The Audi Q3

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