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PCP finance deals get better for new 19 plate cars

Monday 18th February 2019 13:40:27


PCP Finance deals have just got better!



Are you looking to get a new 19 plate car this March? If so, then you might be tempted by a range of finance deals in showrooms. The latest reports suggest they are better than they were in late 2018.



PCP finance (aka Personal Contract Purchase) is a popular style of motor finance. It requires a deposit payment, followed by a set number of fixed, monthly payments. At the end of the agreement, a customer can either:



  • pay a fixed, final balloon payment to own the vehicle (aka the Guaranteed Future Value)

  • trade the vehicle in, with any vehicle value above the GFV used as a deposit for the new vehicle.

  • hand the car back with no further payments or liability



In has been reported in trade publication, AM Online, that the average PCP deal had dropped by 4.4% per month. The average monthly payment is now £311.40.



Further comparisons to the Q4 of 2018 highlight other areas that PCP deals have improved.



  • The average deposit required has fallen 10%

  • The average APR charged has dropped from 4.35% to 3.78%

  • The number of 0% APR deals on offer has risen from 41 in Q4 2018 to 63 in the first quarter of 2019



Best PCP deals for 2019  pcp finance deals 2019



Dacia dominate the best PCP deals available right now. A 49 month PCP for a Dacia Sandero starts at just £79 a month.



The Ford KA+ is being offered on a 24 month deal starting at £99 a month.



If you are looking for something a little bigger then you can get a Ford Tourneo Courier from £159 and a Jeep Renegade from £169.



If you are looking for an electric/hybrid vehicle then there are deals on the Toyota Yaris and Renault Zoe both at less than £200 a month.



All deals must be taken before the end of March.



Gap Insurance on PCP deals



If you are looking at buying a new car on PCP finance then Gap Insurance is often purchased with this. The dealer may offer you cover, but remember to benchmark this with alternatives.



Remember a Total Loss Gap Combined Invoice & Replacement Gap is a perfect policy for PCP deals. To find out more please try the following


PCP deals and Gap Insurance


Gap Insurance - Your complete guide


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