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Haynes announces the end of printed manuals for new cars

Haynes to cease printing workshop manuals for new vehicles


If you have ever tried doing some home servicing on a vehicle in the past, you may have used a Haynes Workshop Manual. These 'bibles' of the home mechanic.


Perhaps inevitably, Haynes has announced that they will cease to print new manuals as vehicles come on to the market. They will continue to produce electronic versions for new vehicles. haynes manuals to cease in print


Haynes has also confirmed that the back catalogue of current books will continue to be printed.


First published in 1966, around 200 million Haynes manuals have been sold. the publications have proved invaluable to generations of home mechanics and DIYers. 


The descriptive processes contained allowed many to complete all kinds of repairs and routine maintenance to their vehicles. 


The current owners say the decision to cease printing versions was a ‘commercial’ decision. They say that new versions will still be available online and that a new and exciting platform will be developed to cover 95% of all vehicles available. 

Haynes was sold to French company Infopro Digital for £114.5 million earlier this year following the death of founder John Haynes on 2019.