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Ford of Britain is one of the longest established and best-known motor manufacturing brands in the UK today. First trading in 1909, the UK subsidiary of Ford Motor Company employs around 14,000 people in the UK today. Total Loss Gap Insurance for Ford


Ford can also boast the bestselling car and commercial brand title for 34 and 45 consecutive years, respectively. 


Today Ford provide many of the top-selling models such as the Focus, Puma and the best selling model of all, the Fiesta. 


Insurance available for Ford models from Total Loss Gap


There are several products we can provide for your Ford model. These include:


GAP Insurance - to protect you if your Ford vehicle is written off and you are left with a financial shortfall. Each Gap policy can protect you slightly differently. 


Total Loss Invoice and Replacement Gap - designed to cover you between the motor insurers settlement, at point of loss, and the HIGHEST of either:

  • the outstanding finance settlement
  • the original invoice price paid
  • the cost of the equivalent replacement vehicle

An alternative to the Invoice & Replacement Gap cover is the Combined Return to Invoice GAP. This is commonly offered by the main dealers also. This cover is similar to the Invoice and Replacement Gap but eliminates any consideration of the vehicle's future replacement cost. The Combined Return to Invoice Gap can cover you between the motor insurers settlement for your Ford and the higher of:


  • the outstanding finance settlement
  • the original purchase price paid

If you are taking your new Ford on a lease agreement (like a ling term rental agreement, where you cannot own the vehicle), you would need to consider a Lease/Contract Hire Gap policy from Total Loss Gap. 


This type of Gap cover can protect any shortfall between your motor insurers settlement and the outstanding lease settlement if your motor insurer writes off the car or van. Also available with this type of Gap Insurance is the optional 'deposit protection'. This can protect up to £3,000 of any advanced rental payment you may have put down on your lease agreement. 


Other Insurances available from Total Loss Gap for your Ford include:  tyre, alloy wheel, scratch and dent, smartcare for ford


  • Alloy Wheel Insurance - to cover the costs of up to alloy wheel refurbishments following cosmetic damage to your alloys. 
  • Tyre Insurance - to cover the costs of a tyre replacement or repair following accidental or malicious damage.
  • Complete Wheel Insurance - a combined policy of alloy wheel and tyre insurance in one package. Also known as Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance.
  • Cosmetic Repair Insurance - also known as scratch & dent or minor damage insurance. This covers the costs of small bodywork damage repairs. 
  • SMARTCare Insurance - combines alloy wheel insurance, cosmetic repair insurance and interior trim damage repair insurance. 
  • Motor Excess Insurance - to cover your motor primary motor insurer's excess charges, you have to pay following your Ford vehicle claim.  


Whatever you are looking to protect for your Ford, Total Loss Gap has a range of solutions for you. 


Please note: Total Loss Gap is an independent insurance brand owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd. We are not affiliated or endorsed by Ford Motor Company. We do not sell our products through Ford motor dealers. You can only buy Total Loss Gap branded products through our website.