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Total Loss Gap Insurance for your Ford 

Gap insurance is an insurance policy that financially protects you if your Ford is stolen and not recovered or damaged beyond economical repair. Your motor insurance company will, therefore, declare it written off. They will then offer you the market value of your Ford on the day it was declared a Total loss.


So, what is the risk of not having Gap insurance for your Ford?


If your vehicle is written off and you choose not to protect it with gap insurance, you risk being left severely out of pocket or, even worse, paying for a vehicle you no longer use. This is because, over time, your car will lose value. Over time, the more miles you travel, the less your vehicle will be worth. When your comprehensive motor insurance offers you the market value for your Ford, it could be considerably lower than your purchase price. Worse still, it may not be enough to clear any outstanding financial obligations.


Total Loss Gap Insurance can provide you with peace of mind.


In the unfortunate event that your Ford is written off, at least the financial implications are taken care of, giving you peace of mind.


Contract Gap Hire Insurance Quote for  your Ford     Return to Invoice Gap Insurance Quote for your Ford     Vehicle Replacement Gap insurance Quote for your Ford


What levels of Gap Insurance are available and is a Total Loss Ford Gap Insurance worth it?


Depending on your vehicle's eligibility, several levels of Total Loss Ford Gap Insurance may be available to you. 

Below is a brief breakdown of how the different levels of Gap Insurance cover can work.


A Combined Invoice and Replacement Gap Insurance is designed to cover you between the motor insurer settlement, at the point of loss, and the HIGHEST of either:

  • The outstanding finance settlement
  • The original invoice price you paid
  • The cost of the equivalent replacement vehicle, which is the same as yours, was on the first day you drove it home.


The Combined Return to Invoice GAP is an alternative to the Invoice & Replacement Gap cover. This is also commonly offered by the main dealers. This cover is similar to the Invoice and Replacement Gap but eliminates any consideration of the vehicle's future replacement cost. The Combined Return to Invoice Gap can cover you between the motor insurer settlement for your Ford and the higher of:

  • The outstanding finance settlement
  • The original purchase price paid.


If you are taking your new Ford on a lease agreement (like a long-term rental agreement, where you cannot own the vehicle), you must consider a Lease/Contract Hire Gap policy from Total Loss Gap

This type of Gap cover can protect any shortfall between your motor insurer's settlement and the outstanding lease settlement if your motor insurer writes off the car or van. The optional 'deposit protection' cover is also available with this type of Gap Insurance. This can protect up to £3,000 of any advanced rental payment you may have put down on your lease agreement. 


Summary of Ford Gap Insurance cover available from Total Loss Gap


For more information on the different Gap Insurance products available, please click the links below.


Ford Contract Hire Gap Insurance from TLG

Total Loss IPID From June 2024            Total Loss Contract Hire From June 2024


Ford Combined Return to Invoice Gap Insurance from TLG

Total Loss IPID From June 2024             Total Loss Return to Invoice From June 2024


Ford Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance from TLG

Total Loss IPID From June 2024                Total Loss VRI GAP From June 2024


Which level of Ford Gap Insurance from TLG is best?

The quickest way to determine which level of Ford Gap Insurance from TLG is best for you is to click for a quotation. Our system will ask you questions about you and your Ford and then offer you up to 2 different levels of gap insurance depending upon your circumstances. For an instant quote and to see which level of gap insurance will be best for your Ford, please follow this link: Total Loss Gap Insurance for your Ford.


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Other Insurances available from Total Loss Gap for your Ford include:  


  • Alloy Wheel Insurance - to cover the costs of alloy wheel refurbishments following cosmetic damage to your alloys. 
  • Tyre Insurance - to cover the costs of a tyre replacement or repair following accidental or malicious damage.
  • Complete Wheel Insurance is a combined alloy wheel and tyre insurance policy in one package. It is also known as Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance.
  • Cosmetic Repair Insurance, also known as scratch and dent or minor damage insurance, covers the costs of small bodywork damage repairs. 
  • SMARTCare Insurance - combines alloy wheel insurance, cosmetic repair insurance and interior trim damage repair insurance. 
  • Motor Excess Insurance - to cover your primary motor insurer's excess charges.  


Whatever you are looking to protect for your Ford, Total Loss Gap has a diverse range of solutions. We understand that each Ford owner's needs are unique, and we strive to provide the right insurance options to cater to those needs. 


A Brief History of Ford


At the turn of the nineteenth century, Henry Ford established the automotive Giant. He was a revolutionary American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. With a rich history of innovation and excellence, Ford has been credited with transforming the automotive industry. 


Undoubtedly, Ford's most significant contribution to the automotive industry was the introduction of the iconic Model T in 1908. This groundbreaking vehicle was the first to be mass-produced on an assembly line. This feat not only revolutionized manufacturing but also made cars affordable and accessible to the American public. Since then, Ford has continued to innovate, producing a diverse range of high-quality vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, and luxury cars. 


Ford's legacy is marked by some of the most recognizable and beloved models in automotive history, including the iconic Mustang, the best-selling F-Series pickup truck, and the legendary Thunderbird. 


Today, Ford is a global leader in the automotive industry, with operations in numerous countries worldwide. Despite recent challenges, Ford remains committed to innovation and excellence and remains one of the world's most respected and trusted brands.


Please note: Total Loss Gap is an independent insurance brand owned by Aequitas Automotive Ltd. We are not affiliated or endorsed by Ford Motor Company. We do not sell our products through Ford motor dealers. You can only buy Total Loss Gap branded products through our website.