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Mini Gap Insurance from Total Loss Gap


No matter which compact and stylish Mini you have chosen to buy, from the Mini Hatchback to the Mini Clubman, from the Mini convertible to the Mini Countryman and even the all-new electrified Mini versions, your local Mini dealership will offer you a range of insurance policies as part of their duty of care and sales process. This would normally be a form of Mini Gap Insurance cover (often called shortfall insurance), a form of Mini smart care, and perhaps a level of tyre insurance.

So why should you get a Mini gap insurance policy from Total Loss Gap, and how do you get a Mini gap insurance quote? 


Contract Hire Gap insurance Quote for your Mini     Return to Invoice Gap Insurance Quote for your Mini     


A Mini Gap insurance policy from Total Loss is a sensible choice because it provides additional security and peace of mind, ensuring you're fully protected in unforeseen circumstances. A Mini Gap Insurance policy from Aequitas Automotive is another protection that runs alongside your fully comprehensive motor insurance policy and kicks in when and if your Mini is written off. 

  1. This could be because your Mini has been damaged beyond economic repair, such as in an accident.
  2. It could also be written off if your Mini is stolen. 


What does a Mini Gap insurance from Total loss do, and how does it work?


Cars lose value over time, even Mini's. This means that if something happens to your new Mini and your own fully comprehensive car insurance company decides to write it off, what they offer you as the market value settlement could be much lower than the original purchase price you paid.

  • This could mean you are left in the terrible position of self-funding another car's costs.
  • If your car insurance market value settlement is lower than the amount you still have outstanding on finance, you could be left paying for a Mini you can no longer use.
  • If you have sourced your Mini using a form of Contract Hire, you could be left having to find the deposit for another contract hire agreement and pay off any outstanding finance shortfall left on your old agreement.

If your Mini is written off, your Gap Insurance policy will pay the difference between your car insurance company's market value settlement and either;

  • Your finance settlement or contract hire lease agreement early termination fees. (sometimes called finance gap Insurance or contract hire Gap Insurance) 
  • The higher of either the original purchase price of your Mini (the invoice price) or your financial settlement (often called return to invoice or combined return to invoice gap insurance)
  • The higher of either the original cost of your Mini (the invoice price), your financial settlement, or the replacement cost of another Mini the same as yours on the first day you drove it home. (normally called vehicle replacement gap insurance or VRI cover) 


Which level of Mini Gap Insurance is best for you?


Which level of Mini Gap Insurance from Total Loss is best for you will depend on how you bought your mini, what you are using it for, and even how you paid for it. For example, did you buy your Mini using a form of contract hire agreement, or was it a personal contract purchase? Was it a new or used Mini you bought? Also, what would you like to happen if and when your Mini was written off? You can choose from Return to invoice gap insurance, contract hire gap insurance, and vehicle replacement insurance. Please remember that some policies will only be available for newer Mini. We can not offer any form of agreed value gap insurance, so we can not cover or quote for Mini's bought privately or from the auction. 

 (Currently, we can not offer cover for classic Mini cars as we can only cover used mini cars up to 8 years of age on the day you buy your policy.)

(This excludes excess insurance, which can cover used Mini up to 15 years old)


How do you get a Mini gap Insurance quote from Total Loss?


The quickest way to determine which level of Mini gap insurance from Total Loss is best for you and how much your Mini gap Insurance costs is to click or call for an instant quote or call and speak to a team member. Our system will ask you questions about you and your Mini and then highlight levels of gap insurance that you could benefit from.


How much does Mini Gap Insurance cost?

Mini owners often ask us how much their cover will cost. Howvere it is not an easy question to answer as the price you pay for your Mini gap insurance is primarily dependent on the purchase price of your Mini, how long you want to cover it, and which level of protection you want. Prices start under £79 for a basic three-year return-to-invoice gap insurance policy. Naturally, a five-year vehicle replacement policy for a much more expensive Mini would cost more. Equally, the cost of your Mini gap insurance, if you buy it from online providers, such as us, is normally much lower than if you buy your policy directly from your local Mini Dealership. 

So, How much should a Mini Gap Insurance Cost?  We live in the real world and completely understand that the cost of your policy also has to be important. With this in mind, you will be pleased to know that no matter if you buy a policy online or speak to a team member, we always offer our best price. There are no clever marketing tricks, slick gimmicks, or routing around Google to find non-existent discount codes. Just policies that do what they say they will, when they should, and all at some of, if not the lowest prices in the UK. 

Cover is available for new Minis and used Minis up to eight years old, with up to 80,000 miles on the clock when you buy your policy. 


How long does a Mini Gap Insurance last?

With a Mini Gap Insurance policy from us, you can cover your BMW Mini for up to five years, giving you peace of mind for an extended period.


What are the Benefits of Mini Gap Insurance from us?

The Benefits of Mini Gap Insurance from Total loss are;

  1. We value all our customers. That's why our policy covers all drivers over 18 with a full licence named on your fully comprehensive motor insurance policy, ensuring everyone is protected.
  2. There are no mileage restrictions, provided your vehicle had less than 80,000 miles on the clock/speedo on the day your Mini was written off. This is reduced to a maximum of 40,000 miles for a vehicle replacement policy. How many miles you cover after that is your choice.
  3. You have an extended 30-day cooling-off period. This means that if you buy a policy and then change your mind within the first 30 days, on the understanding that you have not tried to make a claim, you are eligible for a full refund.
  4. We do not have a claim limit for vehicles up to £75,000; for vehicles over £75,000, there is a maximum claim limit of £75,000.
  5. We do not charge any policy administration fees for changes in address, registration numbers, etc.
  6. You can transfer your policy free of charge to your next eligible Mini. (T&Cs apply) 
  7. You can protect up to £3000 deposit or advanced or initial rental with a contract hire gap insurance policy.
  8. Instant quote and cover for new and used Minis bought within the last 180 days.


For a full list of terms and conditions, please see our policy documents. 


Mini Contract Hire Gap Insurance from Total Loss Gap

IPID Mini Contract hire Gap Insurance from Total LossMini Contract Hire from TLG IPID From June 2024                    T&Cs for Mini Total Loss Contract Hire policies purchased from June 24Mini Contract Hire Gap Insurance from TLG From June 2024


Mini Return to Invoice Gap Insurance from Total Loss

IPID Mini Return to Invoice Gap Insurance from June 2024Mini Return to Invoice Gap from TLG IPID From June 2024       Mini Return to Invoice Gap Insurance from Total Loss T&C'sMini Return to Invoice Gap from TLG From June 2024


Mini Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance from Total Loss 

IPID for Total Loss Mini Vehicle Replacement Policies purchased from June 24Mini Vehicle Replacement from TLG IPID From June 2024         T&Cs for Mini Total Loss Vehicle Replacement Policies purchased from June 24Mini Vehicle Replacement from TLG From June 2024


Mini Gap Insurance from Total Loss is it worth it?


Is Mini Gap Insurance worth it? Is a question only you can answer

The simple reason is that if your Mini is written off and you only rely on your insurance company's market value settlement, you would have to deal with any financial ramifications without any gap insurance. Why not click for a Mini Gap insurance quote from TLG? With a four-year extended cover gap insurance policy costing less than £130, is it worth taking the risk of not having coverage and not having the peace of mind a policy can provide?


We can also offer other forms of protection for your new Mini and used Mini up to 5 years of age with less than 50,000 miles on the clock.

From helping to cover you against the cost of tyre damage repair costs to your motor insurance company excess payment. 

Alloy Wheel Insurance for your Mini     Smart Care Insurance for your Mini     Excess insurance to cover your Mini Excess Payment

Tyre and Alloy Wheel insurance for your New Mini     Scrath and Dent insurance for your Mini     Mini Tyre insurance

Discover the amazing history of the BMW Mini.

Mini has been around since the 1950s when BMC introduced the original classic Mini. It quickly became an iconic car due to its compact size, innovative design, and fun driving experience. It was featured in the film The Italian Job and has also been named Britain's favourite car.

BMW acquired the Rover Group, which at the time included Mini. After the acquisition, BMW began developing a new generation of Minis, which led to the launch of the modern Mini Cooper in 2001. The latest Mini retained the iconic design elements of the original while incorporating contemporary technology and safety features.

Since then, BMW has expanded the brand's model range. The brand has continued emphasising its heritage while evolving into the compact and stylish Mini we know today.

Today, Mini remains a popular choice for drivers who appreciate its blend of retro charm, contemporary styling, and agile handling. The BMW-owned Mini brand continues to uphold the legacy of the classic Mini while embracing advancements in automotive engineering and design.