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Everything you need to know about the new Skoda Superb

Skoda will this year launch their brand new Superb model onto the European market and the vehicle was shown for the very first time from the Geneva Motor Show last week. This new addition into the companies range is to be the most changes Superb model to date. In our post today we are looking at both the interior and exterior changes that have been brought into play for the car aswell as the new engine line up that you can find underneath the bonnet. Skoda have focused heavily on the styling and redesigning of the car to make it an even bigger seller. In order to achieve this goal the company have revised the design of the car which means that we now see the headlight design made more at an angle than past models. The front end of the car has now also been lowered. The roof also has a more sloping look than its predecessor and the width of the car has been made larger with flared designs coming off of the roof. That therefore results in a much better look for the vehicle in our opinion and these could be some of the big changes that bring in the attention of more customers world wide.


Changes made inside the car and under the bonnet

So the first thing we would like to focus on here is the engine range that now come along with the vehicle. In our opinion there are some good offerings on the table here which include the same engine find in the Leon Cupra from Seat meaning the two litre turbo which is also offered with a DSG transmission system. Diesel options will however include Two TDI models with 148 and 187 brake horse power outputs respectively. A 1.6 Green Line diesel is also up for the taking. The final option is a 1.4 litre petrol engine.


The inside of the car however is looking very luxurious with White leather seating going on offer and the same for re lower part of the dashboard and door sills. Skoda have confirmed five trim levels for the vehicle which will see more equipment added each time but some of our personal favourites that were outlined in the list included a DAB digital radio,seventeen inch alloy wheels,a sat nav and an emergency braking system. With the information that we know now about the new Superb,we expect that the likes of the new Civic will be in the line of sight for the Superb aswell as the new Mondeo range from Ford.


What prices were announced for the new Superb?

The brand came out and said that prices for the brand new range will be beginning from £18,640. Orders for the new car will open up from mid way through the course of this year with the first set of deliveries occurring from this coming September. Expect prices to rise upwards to £34,740 for the top of the range models.

The Skoda Superb

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