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Who is covered with GAP Insurance?

Are all named drivers covered with a Total loss Gap insurance policy or do you have to name each and every driver?

Yes, all named drivers are covered automatically. Providing they hold a full UK License and are over 18. Please see the policy terms and conditions.  

At Total Loss Gap, we try where possible to keep things as simple and easy to understand as we can. Rather than ask this question, you should ask will your own motor insurance cover them. Providing your own motor insurance company are happy to cover the named drivers, we are happy too, it's as easy as that.

One of our primary objectives is to always think about what would happen when and if, you should ever need to make a claim. Rather than having a never ending list of questions and potential scenarios, the most important aspect for us, is that your own insurance company have to agree to settle any claim.

After all, Gap Insurance is a top up insurance. We simply top up your own motor insurance settlement back up to the invoice, replacement price (or financial Shortfall in the case of Contract Hire/Lease Hire GAP). If your own motor insurance company don't cover and agree to settle the claim, then there is nothing for our claims team to top up and therefore no claim to be processed.

Who is covered with Gap Insurance?

Examples of when we would and wouldn't cover named drivers

Let's just explain in further detail.

One of your named drivers are using the car and on a icy night, skid on black ice. Your motor insurance company evaluate the damage and agree to declare the vehicle a 'total loss'. They offer you a settlement. Our claims team will then talk to your insurance company and agree settlement then subsequently process your Gap Insurance claim.

Example of when we wouldn't cover you.

This time your named driver is drunk behind the wheel. Same skid, same black ice. However, due to negligence, your own motor insurer agree not to settle your claim, as your named driver was intoxicated. As they have decided not to settle, then there is nothing for us to settle and your GAP claim would be rejected. It really is the obvious scenarios.

Example Two, a named driver decides to clean your car for you. They open the doors and put the keys in the ignition, to listen to the radio whilst doing so. Time ticks on as they have just applied a thick coat of wax, they decide to take a spot of lunch. However, they forget about the keys and the open door. Opportunists see the open door with the keys in and take the car. Your own insurance company would reject your claim as the keys have been left in an unlocked car with the door wide open. Your Gap Insurance claim would then also be rejected. 

Example of covering you even if the vehicle is stolen.

Named driver is using the car over night. Late that night, thieves force entry into their house, steal the car keys and take the car. Your own motor insurance agree that that they are going to declare the vehicle as a total loss, due to it being stolen and not recovered.  They offer you a settlement figure, based on the current value of the vehicle at that time. Our claims team will then talk to your insurance company and agree settlement, your claim is then processed and settlement paid to you.

These examples are for illustration purposes only and have been slightly exaggerated but the principles are the same. We top up your own motor insurance companies settlement. If they don't settle then we can not. No matter how the car is written off, or who the fault is with, whether your motor insurance company cover you or not, is always the primary condition.